10 Smartphones To Expect This Year

We’re all familiar with how quickly technology advances, and how new phones are released year after year. Every year, tech companies announce amazing new phones, with better specs, faster processors and a variety of features.

So, which phones should we be expecting this year? In this video, I take a look at the smartphones to expect this year?

00:00:34 Samsung Galaxy S23 series

00:02:45 Apple iPhone 15 range

00:04:28 Google Pixel 8 Lineup

00:05:42 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

00:07:13 Vivo X Flip

00:08:28 Solana Saga

00:09:45 Google Pixel Fold

00:11:38 OnePlus 11

00:12:56 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

00:14:15 Motorola Razr(s) 2023

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