11 Black-Owned Businesses that You Should Support

Founders of Dirt Don't Hurt products
The founders of Dirt Don’t Hurt products, which are all-natural, plant-based activated charcoal products for face and teeth

It’s always important to think about what (and who) you support—and it’s always a great time to shop at and support black-owned businesses. When people need new cosmetics, apparel, or décor, they tend to shop at big-box retailers; few people shop at black-owned businesses. Here’s a short list of some of our favorite businesses!

* AJ Crimson Beauty: One of the most trusted names and leading authorities in the beauty industry. Their cosmetic line contains shades for women of every ethnic background and skin tone.

* Beauty Bakerie: A multimillion-dollar cosmetics brand with a motto of “better, not bitter.” Beauty Bakerie’s founder and CEO Cashmere Nicole works to empower men and women who have experienced hardship.

* BLAC Minerals: Merced Saint Boyce created an all-natural makeup line for women of color. It’s formulated without animal testing, parabens, or sulfates.

* CURLS, LLC: Mahisha Dellinger’s company maintains the highest standards for quality ingredients and has emerged as a leader in the natural hair care industry.

* Dirt Don’t Hurt: Created by three sisters, Dirt Don’t Hurt products are all-natural, plant-based activated charcoal products for face and teeth.


Beautiful in Every Shade: Created by Carlton Mackey, the company is a grassroots empowerment movement that works to transcend colonized beauty standards.

* Little MuffinCakes: Debra Raney founded Little MuffinCakes to reinforce the fact that every child needs to know why they’re important. She creates products that reflect what children see in the mirror.

* Royal Jelly Harlem: An African-inspired clothing and home decorating line founded by a mother and her daughter in 2011. All items are made in NYC.


* Kaesani: Representation and inclusion are important for children. Kaesani is the #1 resource for black children’s literature that links parents and readers to the African diaspora.

* Fire Next Time Ceramics: Whitney Wade runs her Etsy shop through her home in Chicago and is inspired by all things vintage, historical, and black.

* Don’t Sleep Interiors: Inspired by Emory Douglas and the designers of Street Etiquette, Don’t Sleep Interior combines interior décor and culture from the African diaspora.

This year, try to find black-owned businesses that work to empower black men and women as well as other marginalized individuals. All of these companies have wonderful products, and you support black-owned business with every order.

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