11-Year Old Boy Who Crochets Goes Viral and Lands Major Book Deal!

Jonah Larson, crochet prodigy and author

Jonah Larson, an 11-year old prodigy from Wisconsin who was recently featured in La Crosse Tribune for his outstanding crocheting skills, has just signed a major book deal after his story went  viral.
The book titled Hello, Crochet Friends! Making Art, Being Mindful, Giving Back: Do What Makes You Happy, which will be co-authored by Larson’s mother with photos by Erin Harris, will be released on July 23, 2019 but can be pre-ordered now on Amazon!

How he got started

When he was just 5-years old, Jonah would watch YouTube videos trying to teach himself how to crochet. Since then, he creates blankets, table runners, mittens, and other products he crocheted and sells them through his business, Jonah’s Hands. With some of his earnings, Larson, who was adopted from Ethiopia as an infant, regularly donates to the orphanage from where he was adopted.

Moreover, Jonah also maintains an Instagram account which now has over 130,000 followers and counting. He can be seen there crocheting with Senator Tammy Baldwin and others. His YouTube channel, where he does tutorials and such, has over 25,000 subscribers.

Why the book deal is such a big deal

Jonah became widely known since the initial article about him went viral. He received several offers of appearing on television interviews, including Good Morning America and other national outlets. He even had to turn down an appearance on Ellen due to the overwhelming schedule.

After receiving several offers from huge publishing houses, Jonah’s mother, Jennifer Larson, decided to accept a book deal from Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based KWiL Publishing.

The book will tackle everything from Jonah’s personal life and crocheting experiences up to the broader aspects of crocheting. Although the book cover appears to be like children’s books, it is made to be a book for all ages. A book tour for Larson is on the works as well.

KWiL Publishing Founder and President/Publisher Abby Nies Janowiec shared how excited she is with the book. She told Forbes, “I wanted to help get Jonah’s story into the hands of young readers. He offers so much inspiration to young people — how to make beautiful things, be mindful, and give back — all while doing something you love.”

Follow Jonah on Instagram @jonahhands

Watch him in action below:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkfYNvC5TKk]


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