3 Barbers Launch New Vegan, Plant-Based Restaurant In New Orleans

Founders of Vegan Wit a Twist restaurant in New Orleans

Three barbers from New Orleans are now also restaurant owners after opening the newest vegan restaurant in the area. Roy Joseph, Ryan Billew, and Ollie Williams launched Vegan Wit a Twist, a restaurant that serves only the finest and freshest vegan dishes, last November. Since then, they have seen nothing but success.
As barbers, Joseph, Billew, and Williams have been strongly connected to everyone in the Black community who comes over to have their hair cut. The trio saw this as an opportunity to connect to the community even more through a new restaurant.

What sparked the idea was Joseph frequently bringing vegan food that he personally cooked to the shop. When their customers started noticing how delicious his recipes were, Billew and Williams encouraged Joseph to take it to the next level and team up to venture into the restaurant business.

Vegan Wit a Twist is now a popular vegan spot that serves 100% plant-based and 100% New Orleans foods. Aside from serving healthy and delicious dishes, the trio wanted to inspire others to make their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

During an interview with WDSU News, they commented, “We want everyone to see that you can get together, you can have your own business. You can become an entrepreneur. You can create stuff for yourself and others.”

Follow Vegan Wit a Twist on Instagram @vegan_wit_a_twist

Watch their story below:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6Lb3NtfzYg]


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