3 Reasons Ghana Is Still Not A Developed Country After 63 Years

Many people often confuse the correlation between independence and development. They tend to think that once a country attains independence, it ought to experience a sudden developmental boom and success. However, this is not so. In fact, it is a very wrong ideology. A liberated country without the prerequisites for development would have been better under the rule of visionary colonial masters. Ghana is one of such liberated countries which seems to be still struggling after sixty-three years of independence in its quest for development, at least to that of a First World Country. What are three reasons for this stagnation of development in our country?
1. The negative fixed mindset and attitude of many Ghanaians.

The majority of Ghanaians tend to have a very negative outlook on life and a terrible attitude towards developmental goals. There is also s great lack of confidence in our abilities and what we produce here. Some people approach government properties with so much carelessness and despise that it is draining to think about why they do so. They waste resources and the same projects are executed over and over again. We cannot even consume the whole discussion on corruption, can we?

2. Poor leadership with unclear focus and ideologies.

The paradigms of most of our previous and current leaders are nothing good to write home about. Most of the time, serious developmental goals are treated with such triviality that makes it obvious that remaining wealthy is their main goal. Instead of thinking of long-term goals and visionary plans for the country, you will find highly myopic and mediocre plans everywhere, causing financial harm to the poor citizenry of the country.

3. Our education system is highly problematic.

We are still stuck in an educational system of many centuries ago. Theories upon theories without any practicals in a world run by technical and highly practical skills. The focus is very unclear as the average child is bombarded with so many subjects to learn from. The potentials of most children are untapped and completely wasted, and even when, discovered, lack support. This then breeds massive unemployment. Many products, gadgets, laws, places, and what have you, have changed over the years, but the classroom to produce the generational thinkers still remains the same. What kind of goals can they have if not retrogressive ones?

Ghana is a land of great potentials, so I believe that when we open our eyes to the fact that we make the country and own it and back it up with the right attitude, there is no height we cannot reach, for a colony with visionary colonial masters is better than a liberated country without an iota of vision.

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