4 Black-Owned Tech Companies at the Forefront of Innovation

Founder of Reach Robotics

Technology is the way of the future, and these Black-owned tech companies are at the forefront of innovation. Whether using inventive technology to connect software developers with jobs in their field or connecting your cell phone to a lifelike toy robot, these four Black-owned tech companies are here to help you jump headfirst into the future.

Reach Robotics

Reach Robotics brings the world of online gaming to life. Founded by Silas Adekunle in 2013, this company creates a new gaming experience by connecting your phone with their gaming robot, MekaMon. The MekaMon combines augmented reality gaming with a customizable robot that allows you to take your battle bot experience to the next level. Reach Robotics also frequently updates their app software to ensure their robots are never left behind in favor of a newer, shinier product.


When Rohan Gilkes was denied an Airbnb rental home solely because of his race, he took to Twitter to share his experience. Gilkes found he was not alone, and hundreds of other people were also discriminated against by vacation rental sites because of their race, sexual orientation, or simply because they had “Muslim sounding names.” He decided it was time to change things, and Innclusive was born. This vacation rental site has a zero-tolerance racism policy and a diverse marketing strategy that seeks to accurately represent their users.


Used by Ticketmaster, Visa, and the United States Government, Lisnr is flipping the world of online payments upside down. Rather than depending on spotty cell phone service or unreliable Wi-Fi connections, Lisnr sends data through sound waves. Using high-frequency, inaudible tones, Lisnr has created highly secure and incredibly low energy software that can be used for both personal and retail payments.


Iyinoluwa Aboyeji founded Andela as a way to connect skilled software developers in Africa with top developing companies throughout the continent. Andela hires the top 1% of engineers and software developers to ensure your company receives the highest quality tech assistance. Software developers then spend 2 weeks at your company’s headquarters to learn the mission, the values, and the company culture. Andela also supports the Andela Learning Community, which partners with Google to teach programming and software development skills to tech buffs across Africa.

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