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4 Effective Leadership Skills You Need in the Age of AI


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4 Effective Leadership Skills You Need in the Age of AI

The age of doing every single thing manually is far behind us. Today, we can rely on technology, specifically artificial intelligence technology, to help us with our daily tasks. From using robot vacuum cleaners and motion sensors at home, right to scheduling emails and meetings at work, AI has an innovation you can use.

Corporations and small businesses are relying more and more on AI as each day passes. Because of that, some people fear that the time will come that there will be no jobs left for people to take. The truth is that human employers and employees can’t be made obsolete.

People simply can’t rely on artificial intelligence technology alone to give them the best working experience. That kind of environment will lack warmth, being personal, and the guidance that an employee needs in order to grow.

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Being empathetic towards employees

Leaders should be invested in their employees’ well-being. This is especially important today where people are living in fear and struggling to survive amidst the pandemic. There is a constant nagging worry of contracting the virus, losing one’s job, and not being able to provide for the family. The fear is even more present for those who work for the sole purpose of bringing food to the table.

So how can good leaders connect to their employees and smother the fear that they are feeling? Simple, with the most powerful leadership skill one can ever have: listening to employees.

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Maybe their usual excellent work progress got disrupted by sickness or extreme stress. Or there is a chance that they’re asking to take the day off simply because they need to recharge in order to deliver optimal performance again. Listening to employees goes a long way as you will begin to understand where their sentiments are coming from.

From there, you will be able to build a strong, and hopefully lasting, relationship with your employee.

Knowing how to push the team forward

Motivation is one of the strongest forces a person can count on on the road to progress. Being properly motivated can push someone to do great things that he never imagined he can achieve. It is an amazing drive that can be provided by ourselves or a person we follow or look up to.

Providing motivation is an essential leadership skill as this will enable your people to strive for greater accomplishments. It is not solely powered by an individual’s hopes and dreams. A person can still grow in their respective careers without being motivated at all.

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But just imagine how your employees and your whole team will go if each one of them is highly motivated to do their jobs well? Not only will they achieve their personal goals, but your team’s performance will skyrocket as well.

Push your team to their limits because if you let them stay in their comfort zone, they will not have a chance to grow. You don’t want your team to remain stagnant.

The best thing you can do is observe them and figure out what kind of words and acts can ignite their passion for their job. Push them to do better so you could all witness your team break the boundaries you have originally set.

Makes sure no man is left behind

People learn in different paces and styles. What may seem difficult to your employees may be easy as pie for you. You have to keep in mind that they consume new knowledge differently from each other. You have to develop different mentoring styles to help them grow in their respective careers.

As a leader, you shouldn’t lose patience too often with a learning employee. That person is striving to do better as much as anyone else. But it is possible that the method of learning doesn’t fit the person.

And in your tenure as a leader, you will encounter all types of personalities and learners there can ever be. You will have to adjust your teaching methods and mentoring styles so that your employees can do better.

Keeping everyone on the same track and at the same pace is a tough job. You don’t really have to spoon-feed everyone and check on them every hour. You just have to keep tabs on them and see if someone is unable to keep up as you may be able to teach them how to better handle a situation like that.

Knows when to take a break

Leaders are humans too. Which means you also need to take a second to breathe every once in a while. Take some time to recoup before leading your team once again. Having a leader who recognizes the value of recharging one’s mind and body is favorable for everyone’s well-being.

Everybody expects a leader to work non-stop but that should not be the case. Just as you are practicing connecting with your employees’ needs and feelings, you should be in touch with yours too. Know when you should be taking a break or adjusting your learning curve.

Reflect the acts you do for your employees on yourself so that you will be able to take care of yourself and lead better. Do not turn a blind eye to your own needs as this will cause you to be insensitive to other’s feelings.

Nowadays, the most effective leadership strategies involve creating a healthy environment. As a leader, a healthy working environment starts with you. Transform your workplace into somewhere you would love working as an entry-level employee. Learn how to connect, teach, motivate, and refresh. Employees would stay and seek your leadership because you are being people-centric.


About the Author:

Regi Publico is a full-time writer based in Manila who is also an artist for fun. She takes pride in her towering collection of books and loves reading about anything under the sun. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge through every article that she writes.

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