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4 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Are the Backbone of the Economy


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4 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Are the Backbone of the Economy

Although becoming an entrepreneur is not for everyone, it is the most needed element of any economy, whether it’s a recession or things are really thriving. You just can’t have enough visionaries that were bold enough to take the risk to strike out on his or her own because they wanted more control of their lives and they were committed to creating value to the rest of the world. I have 4 reasons why I believe that small business owners are the backbone to the economy.

First of all, they are constantly creating jobs for those that want one. When you’re the boss, you’re not only looking out for the well being of your family but the well being of your employees which is very, very rewarding to say the least. Especially with the state of the economy right now, it’s needed now more than ever.

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Secondly, the value that is created for the end user by using their products or services is beyond comprehension. If you were to remove every entrepreneur from your city, the city would collapse overnight. That’s why instead of us giving them a hard time, we need to appreciate what they’re doing from time to time. Yes they’re making a living but attached to that income is a mountain of responsibility that the public doesn’t see.

Thirdly, these local super heroes are creating products and services that has made what used to be a headache more convenient, easier to use, and much improved. for those that hate cutting grass, washing their cars, can’t cook (or don’t like to), or in some cases just lazy, there’s a business in your city that happily does it for you ( for a fee of course) or a product that makes it easier to do.

Fourth, they are actually doing what the free enterprise was designed for in the first place. They decided they wanted more from life, created a vision and proceeded to chase after the American Dream. In spite of the difficulties that come with being the boss at times, it’s rewarding none the less. Also, unlike a job, a business can be passed on from generation to generation.

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My hope is that someone that’s already an entrepreneur or is aspiring to be one will recognize that you’re making a difference in the lives of countless people locally and globally and you deserve a round of applause. If possible print this and keep it as a constant reminder of your value to this world.

by Terrell McClain

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