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5 Black-Owned Urban Farms Across the United States


Founder of Black-owned urban farm
Gail Taylor, owner and operator of Three Part Harmony Farm

When you think of big cities, you probably don’t associate them with plots of fresh plants – they would seem out of place among the crowded streets and skyscrapers. However, urban agriculture is becoming a popular practice in America. People are recognizing the need for fresh and local produce and are enjoying the relaxation of planting and growing their own foods for profit.
Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture is the practice of cultivating and distributing food in or around urban areas. During the World Wars, urban farming was used to support families and men overseas. Today, you can see it used across a wide array of communities, as it provides them with the ability to sell their product to local businesses. The difference between urban farming and community gardens is that community gardens grow food for self-consumption. Urban farming is the people’s way of becoming self-sufficient.

There are many urban farms in the United States. Check out these Black-owned Urban Farms you can find across the country.

5 Black-Owned Urban Farms:

  1. Three Part Harmony
    This small-scale agroecological farm is located on a 2-acre bit of land in northeast Washington, DC. Owned and operated by Gail Taylor, Three Part Harmony supplies both community and school gardens.
  1. True Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture
    Committed to cultivating good food, good health, and well-being to Atlanta’s urban community, True Living Well Center’s mission is to feed people right where they live. Atlanta’s most well-known urban farm, they have year-round farmers’ markets, as well as training programs that offer personal gardening assistance.
  1. Mill Creek Farm
    Founded in 2008, Mill Creek Farm has brought fresh produce to West Philadelphia for years. After acknowledging the need for basic resources in the area, Mill Creek Farm became dedicated to cultivating a healthy environment. They work with neighbors to provide fresh produce and educate others on the benefits of growing food yourself.
  1. Wood Street Urban Farm
    The Chicago Urban Agriculture Mapping Project has established more than 800 growing sites. One of the more popular sites is the Growing Home’s Wood Street Urban Farm Stand. Growing Home has been growing fresh produce and providing opportunities to underprivileged individuals for years.
  1. Five Seeds Farm
    Family-owned and operated, this Baltimore urban farm focuses on the idea that “true food security is achieved when you control your own food.” They supply fresh foods to restaurants, farm stands, and more. Five Seeds Farm is committed to bringing fresh produce to people who need it.

After checking out the Black-owned urban farms above, consider taking a peek at Urban Farming. Through their “Urban Farming 100 Million Families and Friends Global Campaign,” there are now over 65,516 urban gardens in the United States.

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