5 Digital Marketing Trends Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

We live in a different landscape as we did a couple of years ago. In terms of SEO, some strategies have been left in the past and replaced with new ones that fit the current times. Below are a couple of examples of SEO trends that digital marketers and entrepreneurs should watch out for.


  1. Inclusivity


Inclusivity will continue to make a huge part not only in the digital marketing space but in every aspect of our lives. The younger generation as well as marginalized groups have taken it upon themselves to reshape how the future depicts equality and representation, from the brands they support to the TV shows and movies they watch. Gone are the days that homogenous content will fly without question. A more inclusive approach to content is favored and will continue to be the driving force moving forward. Expect to see content that covers a wide variety of topics including race issues, sexualities, religions, and many more.


  1. Automation


Automation in marketing has started a couple of years ago and continues to gain attention and application within the industry. As marketers strive to be more productive and efficient in their marketing campaigns, turning towards automation is the logical solution now that the technology is very much available and accessible. Common tasks such as social media management, email marketing, and ad campaigns can now be automated not just for efficiency but to make it more personal for customers as well as for clients. With this, automation applications and software will become even more affordable and common not just available to corporations or large marketing agencies like Arcane Marketing, but too small companies as well.


  1. Vying for Position Zero


For the longest time, it is the main goal of SEO to achieve the number one position in search engine results pages. Now, there is a new position to work towards, ‘position zero’.


Position zero refers to the featured snippet. If you’ve ever entered a question into Google’s search bar, you’ve most likely encountered a featured snippet. This shows up at the very top of the page separated by a box. It displays extra information in the hopes of answering a question or query. It has been dubbed the “no-click search.” Being a featured snippet makes the site a thought-leader and is often the content read aloud by voice assistants when doing voice searches.


  1. Sustainability


In the same way with inclusivity, people now have very strong environmental advocacies. Many are looking to support brands that work towards a more sustainable future. Consumers believe companies should be active when it comes to helping the environment. The fact that eco-friendly and environmentally conscious brands have gained a significant following is proof of this. Companies and brands should communicate their sustainability efforts not just on their site content but in their blogs and social media accounts as well. They can use banners or start a discussion about it on social media.


  1. Video and Image for SEO


Not all searches done are looking for written answers. A lot more people are hoping to get video and image results for their queries. This new visual way to search the web is changing the landscape of SEO. To capitalize on this trend, there are ways for brands to improve their video and image SEO. Here are a couple of examples.


  • make sure you are including alt text for your image descriptions
  • always include images in your sitemap
  • include your targeted keywords into the file name of your photo and video
  • only use high-quality videos and images


If brands manage to take control of their image and video SEO campaign right, they will be ahead of their competition and will gain more attention from online shoppers.

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