Thursday, November 30, 2023

5 Important Email Etiquettes for sending your CV/Resume


You don’t always need to have connections to get a job anywhere. You only need to have what most serious-minded organizations are looking for.

Increasingly, many organizations are looking for people who have capacity and great attitude. But it’s not enough to have capacity and great attitude. It’s also important that you know how to demonstrate them. In most cases, the journey begins from one simple email. It matters that you know the etiquettes so that your CVs get a chance to be reviewed.

From my experience handling many recruitment projects, here are the top 5 email etiquettes you should know.

1. First, make sure the file (your CV) is actually attached to the email.

Many are so in a hurry that they forget to attach the very document they are making reference to. This reflects poorly on your personality and your attitude.

2. Give the email an appropriate title or subject

It always baffles me and sometimes annoys me that a graduate sending a job application email would just simply attach their CVs to the email and hit send. No title, no message, no nothing.

Please, at least, give the email a subject. It’s better if the subject of the email includes the project name and/or the role being applied for. This makes it easier for recruiters to search for and notice your email.

3. Offer some greetings. At least, a ‘hello’

I’ve received job application emails where the applicant simply says in the body, ‘For your attention’, and that’s all. What an amazing attitude!

Come on! Everyone likes to be greeted, especially those who have some favors to offer you. Show some manners. Greet!

4. Add a brief message explaining what job or role the CV is for

The reason for this is that some recruiters handle multiple projects at the same time. Even if the title reads correctly as suggested in 2 above, it’s still a good idea to add a brief explanatory note.

5. Close the email properly

Sign off in a formal way, same as you would all your formal emails. Show some class, demonstrate that the organization hiring you won’t have to baby-bottle you on something as commonplace as sending a simple email.

To conclude, I have served in many recruitment teams where there was just one test that an applicant’s CV is worth being downloaded: how he or she comes across in the email. Come across as best as you can.

Best of luck in your job search.

Author: Adams Adeiza

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