Saturday, December 2, 2023

5 Things a Woman can’t give a Man (By Dr. K. N. Jacob)


A woman can give you money. She can give you her body. If she’s beautiful, she can beautify you. If she’s dignified, she can give you dignity. If she’s loving, she can give you love. But…

A woman can’t give you children. Women don’t make babies. Children come from God. Only stupid men divorce their wives if they can’t conceive. Mature men don’t marry for children.

A woman can’t give you happiness. She can help you get orgasm but happiness can only come from within you. For that matter, she can’t take away your happiness. Happiness is your choice.

A woman can’t give you morals. Marriage does not cure lust. Character is a personal decision. No woman can develop self-control for you. You have to build your moral breaks.

A woman can’t give you self-worth. If you are broken, marriage reveals the broken pieces. Women don’t repair broken hearts. You should not get a woman till you are whole. Two wholes make one in marriage.

A woman does not give you a purpose to live for. She is not your Maker. If you live for her, what happens to you if she leaves you? Live for a purpose greater than women. Live for the reason God made you.


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