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6 Ways The Drone Has Changed The World And Lives Of People: And How You Can Use It To Change Your Life.


If you thought the idea of the drone is a 21st-century concept. I hate to disappoint you; it dates back to World War I.

History records state that the U.S. Navy developed limited what they now call the “air torpedoes” during World War I. After the war, the idea was shelved. Not until World War II broke out. After the war, the idea became much fascinated to an extent the US Pentagon was put on pressure to find ways of using the drone in much-needed situations like hitting a target from miles away without a pilot or troops on the ground.

Sometimes referred to as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, it’s a remote-controlled gadget that can be used to capture aerial view pictures and footage that the eye can’t see.  Depending on the type of drone you have, some can reach as far as 11,000 feet. Although, with international restriction, drones are permitted to fly only 500 feet above the ground.

With all that brief insight these are ways drones have changed people and world.

  1. YOUTUBE AND FILM PRODUCTION. This media platform created in 2005 has been a blessing in the lives of many people and companies more especially through creating awareness, marketing and entertainment. In the past years, we have seen new professions rise out of YouTube, and many have gone on to become full-time YouTube content creators and they have earned big from it once their channels reach a required threshold of rules to be eligible to earn. For example, a full-time travel vlogger like Wode Maya a Ghanaian who is on a mission to change Africa’s wrong perceived narrative uses his drone to capture exceptional details about the majestic land wonders of any country he travels to. Other travel digital nomads like Christian who goes by the name Lost LeBlanc on YouTube attributes his YouTube growth and success to one of his gadgets the Drone. His story from rags to riches building his YouTube channel is impressive and inspiring. Any YouTuber out there who has leveraged the power of a drone will argue that “My relationship with a drone is like a joint to the hip I can’t live without”.
  2. HOME SECURITY. Like they say 80% of what you learn in your 2nd year will be out of date by the time you graduate. But with drones, every update comes along with powerful functionality. A company called Elistair has already designed a prototype drone with high-quality security features. The drone is yet to be released on the market perhaps shortly in the near future. The drone is tied with a long cable that keeps supplying it with power while it’s up hovering above your house. In other words, it can remain in the sky for 24 hours a day monitoring. When the sensors are triggered to capture a video or image, the owner of the house quickly is alerted regardless of the distance and footage sent on the phone to see what is going on.


  1. TELECOMMUNICATIONS. Imagine an area hit by a terrible tsunami and the devastating after-effects of lines and communication cut out. In such localities of hard to reach the drones are dispatched to act as towers by providing network signals for a limited time.
  2. DELIVERY SERVICES. Getting to know that your product will reach you in a short time is breathtaking. Take for example Jumia guys en route to deliver products ordered online but take hours to reach their final destination because of heavy traffic. However, with drones, the narrative is slowly changing. Now we wait for delivery companies to employ the use of drones to deliver products in the shortest time possible safely with limited challenges. A country like Rwanda has embraced this kind of modal delivery system. For instance, Zipline Rwanda uses a special drone to deliver medical supplies like blood to clinics or hospital centers in the shortest time possible to save a life, in times of emergencies. The drones can carry up to a weight of 1.7kgs.


  1. ANIMAL PROTECTION. Game parks have been an area of continued battles between government rangers and poachers. The number of big five animals are dropping at an alarming rate. For instance countries like Canada, South Africa, Namibia, Mexico, Zimbabwe, and New Zealand are the major countries that are highly practicing the cruel game of trophy hunting. Trophy hunting is the act of killing game animals for human recreation. Nonetheless, with the invention of drones, only time will tell when such practices will become history. Numerous game parks now deploy drones with night vision effects to strictly monitor late night movements and capture perpetrators. The sad truth is that Trophy hunting is legal in some Africa states. Though they consider some restrictions on the species that can be hunted.
  2. AGRICULTURE. Drones have pushed farming to a whole new level. A farmer can sit in the comfort of his home while his drone is out in the fields monitoring the quality and growth of the crops. Some drones are built to conduct wide spraying and planting seeds over large arches of land.

There you have it. The future of using drones is very bright and this is a chance to grab onto a business idea that you can use to transform your life in ways you never imagined.

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