Editor's Picks7 Online Streams Of Income That Can Earn You...

7 Online Streams Of Income That Can Earn You Money And Financial Freedom


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7 Online Streams Of Income That Can Earn You Money And Financial Freedom

Not long ago, a picture went viral on social media of a freshly graduated university lady camped at a busy highway flagging a placard written on “I am not Natukunda or Katushabe. I am Nasubuga . Will I get a job? If not what next?”  Confused drivers couldn’t fathom the pain of this lady maybe to blame it on the economy.

This lady represents a big fraction of graduated students who are locked up in the same situation. But if only a few could wake up from their slumber and realize that the internet and her remnants have become a gold field that can change their lives forever.

Here are the 8 income ideas that have transformed people’s lives and companies and how you can leverage from them.

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This is a social platform that enables you to post pictures and short videos. With enough room to write content of about 2,200 characters. There are so many profitable business niches that are looking for exposure and creating awareness for their brands. Take for instance the tourism niche, the academic niche, hotels and many more. It’s just a matter of opening up a new Instagram account with an appealing name; upload a catchy profile picture, then start uploading the content and pictures with the intended target audience in mind. Instagram has a different algorithm pattern that you can use to gain more followers and likes. With tenacity and consistence, you can build your account to a level of reaching out to big brands for advertising and shoutouts. Upon reaching an agreed price, you start earning money while you sleep.

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Forex trading has been around for quite a good number of years, only that millennials were rarely exposed or told about this business opportunity. Some believe you need to be a rich old investor to start trading. For as little as $100 (some brokers can accept $7), you can go into forex trading. So what is forex trading? Very simple, this is a global market that allows the easy flow of exchange of one currency for another. If you’ve ever traveled to another country, usually you have to find a currency exchange stall at the airport, and then exchange the money you have in your wallet into the currency of the country you are visiting. Nonetheless, you don’t need to travel to make money. You can do it from the comfort of your phone connected to the internet from any part of the world. It is not a simple skill you can learn fast, but with patience and commitment and following the rules you can get there. Once you get the hang of it, only the sky is the limit. Some people are self taught from tutorials and free eBooks, while others sign up for classes from traders who have the experience and are willing to teach for a fee. Forex trading gives you the liberty to trade in natural gas, metals like gold, stocks crypto currencies and many more.



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Droshipping involves three parties. The manufacturer, the merchant and the clients.  You doing the business are referred to as the merchant or the middle man/lady. The merchant visits popular selling sites like Alibaba, ebay , aliexpress because they sell products cheaply and at wholesale price.  These sites sell physical products of any kind.  After locating a product the merchant opens up an online store promoting that product, however on your store, you flip the product price for a profit. Once a client makes a sell, the merchant contacts the manufacturer about the sell and address details of the client. After the manufacturer receives the commission from the merchant, the manufacturer then ships the product to the client. The merchant then remains with his profit and the deal is done. The amazing fact about this business, the merchant does not need to have a warehouse or inventory upfront. All the heavy lifting is done by the manufacturer. Your job as the merchant or Dropshipper is to look for the product, open up a Shopify online store, do the marketing on the internet and wait to receive your profits. The many people you reach the more profits who earn. Remember that this can also be done from any part of the world.



YouTube is a video platform that enables you to upload videos about anything. You can start your own channel or a channel about anything. The more the subscribers, the more closer you extend to being monetized. According to YouTube policies, monetizing your channels requires having 1000 subscribers.  Established YouTubers earn from as much as $100 to $8000 and more. Perhaps you don’t have a camera to shoot videos, but you have an idea of content you think can be entertaining. YouTube allows you to upload other people’s content which can be found under the Creative Commons icon. In here, there are a bunch of videos that can be reused without permission from the owners. All it takes is you editing the video to your satisfaction and uploading content. Countless YouTubers have grown their channels to thousands of subscribers using videos that are not theirs.  With YouTube, you can become an affiliate marketer promoting other peoples products and earning a commission from any sale. . What you should know is that this platform is not saturated with content ideas. It only takes your creativity to standout.


Do you have a story to tell or a “How To” skills to teach millions of online shoppers. No need to worry about looking for a publisher. Technology has extended the prosperity of being a self publisher. With Amazon, writing eBooks is one of their lucrative opportunities that they can offer and signing up is free. All that is left is creating time and dedication to getting the book written.



This is someone who manages the social media accounts of company, a firm or an organization. Your responsibility is to keep the social media pages fresh and uploaded with new content, monitoring the online conversations and responding to any matter that needs attention.  Anyone offering any form of service or products needs an aggressive presence on social media. Not having a social media presence is like leaving money on the table. Look out on the internet; there are numerous companies that have not leveraged social media platforms. Being a social media manager is a skill you can learn for free from numerous legit websites like HubSpot, Google skills shop and many more. After getting acquainted, reach out to possible clients who might need your services.



Graphic skills are in high demand and the supply is still low. Though you can be part of the people to bridge this gap and make yourself a decent living out of it. With graphic designing, you can decide to concentrate on one or two categorizes and become a well recommended guru in the areas of Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Video editing, Info graphics and Animations.  Look out for the most demanding categories and determine in your heart to become the best there is in the nation.


There you have it seven online ideas that can put food on the table. I have to warn you though, earning online from the above mentioned business ideas are not get rich quick schemes.  I cannot guarantee your future results and success if you decide to try out any of the above. Remember that there are unknown risk in every business be it online, it does take time to reach a substantial level of earning big. If you are a student or you graduated many years or you are someone who wants to add another steam of cash inflow to get you laughing to the bank, consider one of the above.

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  1. Hello Mr Wunde, please kindly advise me, I want to create YouTube accounts with different names and different content for them. is it advisable to create two or more accounts or I shd create only one and upload the different content in the same account?


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