Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Adisadel Old boys (Santa98) build African first Multipurpose Reading Complex for Adisadel College


In 1910, Adisadel College was established as a school for boys. Over the years, the institution has trained young men to be leaders and impact various sectors of life. The college’s ode describes it as an alma mater of great men, and this description is not a fluke as it has lived up to its billing for 113 years. The college’s motto “Vel Primus Vel Cum Primis” instills in its students an unquenchable desire for excellence, and to strive to be the best or among the best.

Every year, Santaclausians, as the Old Boys are called, come back to their alma mater and give back, 25 years after they have completed their tutelage on the hills of Adisadel College. The Silver Jubilee of every year group is also the time they host the Speech Day and Founder’s Day celebration of the great College. The event is usually held in the second weekend of March, every year. It is marked with a candlelight procession and bonfire night on Friday, then the Speech and Prize-Giving on Saturday followed by the Founder’s Day Service on Sunday morning and immediately topped up with the much-anticipated Cement (Special Gari Soakings) Party which is the toast of every year’s celebration for both the present crop of students and older Santaclausians.

The year 2023 marked the celebration of the Silver Jubilee of the 1998 Old Boys of Adisadel College, also known as Santa 98. Santa 98 had a unique legacy project that was commissioned at the Katanga (the Lower School of Adisadel College). The legacy project was a USD200,000.00 Reading Complex, the single largest legacy project ever undertaken and completed by a single-year group. The group realized that the lower school lacked learning facilities such as classrooms, library, science labs, and art studios. The students who resided at the Lower School found it difficult to access the classrooms for extra reading or learning, unlike their counterparts in the Upper School. Thus, the ambitious crusade to provide this facility to offer the Lower School students the ease of access just like their brothers in the Upper School overcame them like a fever.

Many doubting Thomases arose, especially when the challenges set in. COVID, with its attending economic downturn resulting in the dwindling fortunes of many, dollar-cedi confusion, and more, but the resolve to make this project see the light of day and the “can do” spirit of the Santaclausians urged them on. Santa 98, far and near responded to the clarion call. Donations poured in from members and lovers of the Zebra boys.

On 11th March 2023, Santa 98 brought to life the part of the school ode that says “others have labored, and we share their glory, ours to do exploits and add to their gain”. Santa 98 handed over the legacy project to the college and hosted the speech and prize-giving day.

The theme for this year’s Speech Day was “…Ours to do exploits and add to their gain”; The Santaclausian’s role in national development, inspired by the School Ode, which enjoins those who have enjoyed the labors of those before them to pay forward for those who come after them to also enjoy the benefits of the great College and continue the cycle of excellence and brotherhood that the Adisco Spirit teaches.

The 113th Speech Day and Founder’s Day were graced by various dignitaries, Santaclausians and non-Santaclausians, who sought to inspire the next generation to put forward their best foot in making this nation great and strong. Among them were Dr. Jimmy Ben Heymann (Santa 73) – Special Guest of Honour

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