Opinion"Africa can’t and must not pay for the sins...

“Africa can’t and must not pay for the sins of others” – Tony Elumelu


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“Africa can’t and must not pay for the sins of others” – Tony Elumelu

As I have publicly stated and often reiterated, Africa can’t and must not pay for the sins of others. Africa, the least emitter, continues to suffer the worst of the impacts of climate change and must be abundantly supported to adapt to a reality it did not cause.

At The Tony Elumelu Foundation, we empower young entrepreneurs across all 54 African countries, including thousands of young farmers who we support to build resilience and adapt to climate change. But we can collectively do more for our youth who are the most vulnerable to this crisis. I urge all our global development partners, policymakers and governments to prioritise these young ones and I commend my friend Dr. Akinwumi Adesina for co-championing this movement.

‘Africa is at ground zero,’ Adesina calls for support at US’ climate summit

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#TEF #ClimateChange #Sustainability #GlobalWarming #Africa

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  1. Inspire Africa is ATEENS proposed 21st Century Secondary School for leadership, Entrepreneurship and innovation with special focus on developing African science, technologies, and cultures At Inspire Africa, the uniform is specifically Africa fabrics The only thing that can develop Africa is our love for Africa An African in Diaspora is nothing but a Diasporan. GIQ test is crucial to mental development of teenagers and youths, this test is first of it kind in the world developed by ATEENS Teens Research and Development Center. The test will launch teenagers in to the world of champs! Using S2CM model, This model will create millionaire teens by or before the age of 25yrs. ATEENS need the support of the government to create job opportunities through Agribusiness, 21st century Waste management model, ATEENS Security Education on Self defense against rape and crime. The insecurity in Nigeria will drastically reduce and it will help improve the economy. Kindly invite us for discussion and partnership ? https://twitter.com/Afriteensnetwo1

  2. Elumelu for president. It was a privileged to have worked as Teller in the old standard trust bank. I had to move abroad because the country had no plans for us youth then and till now. People like The Tony Elumelu Foundation needs to step in politics and overthrow this corrupt regime in Nigeria.

  3. Then Africa should get it’s acts together. We don’t need to pay for any sins of others. From the climate change expert perspective, we need to develop our climate resilience strategy. I thought you won’t hammer 🛠 in this, rather, your statements were any different from our politicians’ statements. Just saying. But, overall, you remain of those making stringent efforts to carve a new frontier for the continent.

  4. Let’s this matter be discussed in the Senate and Green chamber for solution Andy not just talking about cattle only. Tony has done what no one person could have done for the entire Africa and he is doing more! What is the govt doing apart from cattle?

  5. This is so true. I lost about 9 hectares of my Rice farm last year to flood on my first agro outing. My decision to take to agriculture was in a bid to save my seed capital from loss due to the lockdown which made the demand for home upkeep extremely high.

    So I took to Agriculture and the result were devastating. The water swept away some hectares while the others got rotten because the water could not bail on time.

    Thank you sir for choosing to fight for us.


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