Wednesday, December 6, 2023

African Seasoned Speakers Network: Profile of Confidence Dennis Dzaka


Confidence Dennis Dzaka is a Global Pacesetters Ambassador who seeks to help students, especially final year undergraduate students, fresh graduates and unemployed graduates discover and nurture their creative and innovative potentials in the minds, hearts and hands that will cause them to take that bold first step from being mere imitators into pacesetters that the world awaits to help solve most of its problems, leaving it better than they’ve found it.

Trained as a Mathematics Educator, he has a unique over 15-year background in business development, communication, digital marketing, education, human resources, leadership, music, public speaking, psychology and research which makes him interpret powerful truths into everyday language that empowers his audience to transform their lives, and their respective circles of influence at large, by causing them to reason intensely, act fervently and nurture progressively through his speaking and writing engagements.

It is upon this that he founded the Global Pacesetters Consult, a firm specialized in the development of human potential and personal effectiveness.

He is also a Ghost-writer, Proof-reader/Editor, TV/Radio Content Developer, SDGs Advocate and a Human Responsibility Activist.


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