Amazon’s New Tiny Store Kit For $4K is Just What Many Black Entepreneurs Need!

Tiny store kit on Amazon

Black entrepreneurs and others from low income areas often don’t have much capital to start a business, but a new tiny store kit being sold on Amazon has changed everything. The retail kiosk can be purchased for just $3,990, and can be assembled within just a few hours.
Manufactured by a company called Allwood, the only tools needed for assembly are a hammer, a saw, a screwdriver, pliers, a drill, a ladder, a level, a box cutter, and measuring tape.

The structure is made from wood and has three service windows, a unique Scandinavian retail design, and features 94 square feet of interior space that does not require any type of finishing inside. They do recommend, however, that the outside of the kiosk should be stained or painted against weather within 3 months after completion of the assembly.

Once announced, the product quickly went viral on social media because it presents an opportunity to thousands of Black and other minority entrepreneurs who simply can’t afford to invest tens of thousands of dollars into a storefront or expo exhibition. This tiny store kit, however, allows them to easily set up a boutique to start doing business right in their own communities and even on their own property if they own land.

Allwood is also the same company that manufactures and sells reasonably priced tiny homes and playhouses that also can be assembled within hours.

To learn more and/or to purchase one to get your business started, visit TinyStoreKit.com or Amazon.com

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