He Wanted to be A Musician or Doctor but He is now Ghana’s Best Blogger, Meet Ameyaw Kissi Debrah!

The world is going digital and those who master the digital way of doing things are surely ahead. Mark Zuckerberg is one of the richest people in the world due to his brainchild, Facebook, and he is only 33 years old. Some people are also building on the already established social media platforms to bring about the change they wish to see. Our man today is a digital marketer and blogger with huge following on social media platforms. His website, ameyawdebrah.com is currently ranked among the most visited websites in Ghana.

Today, on Game Changers, we are looking at the life of Ameyaw Debrah, a common name in Ghana and Africa as a whole when it comes to blogging.

Ameyaw Kissi Debrah comes from Kwahu Obomeng in the Eastern Region of Ghana. He was born to Mr. Kwame Kissi Debrah and Constance Atuobi Debrah.  He grew up in a family of four (4) children. He has two brothers and a sister and he happens to be the second born. He had his basic education at Englebert International school and went on to Adisadel College. He currently holds a Bachelor of Arts in Publishing Studies from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

Ameyaw Debrah is currently not married but is engaged to be married. He is a celebrity and lifestyle blogger, owner and publisher of www.ameyawdebrah.com.

Growing up, Ameyaw Debrah had a lot in mind with respect to what he wanted to become in future.

“I wanted to be many things at different stages in my life; I went through the phase of wanting to be a musician or artist to the phase of wanting to be a doctor. I went to Adisadel college to pursue General science but changed my interest when I got to the University to pursue publishing, which is ultimately what I find myself doing now”, he revealed.

He went on to explain to us why he couldn’t further on with a course connected to what he did at senior high school.

“I think I didn’t become a doctor because I lost interest in biology and chemistry because of the nature of those subjects. So when I had the chance to go to university a year ahead of my time, I opted to do something else, publishing studies.”

Currently, through his website and social media pages, Ameyaw Debrah believes he is doing more than enough as he provides fun, entertaining and informative content to make people happy.

“A lot of people may see that as trivial but informing people, putting a smile on someone’s face etc means a hell lot to me. It comes with joy and satisfaction”, he said.


The ace blogger also provides support to people in need when he can, but he added that he needs “to find a good reason to support.”

Many blogs are started everyday across the globe but few are able to remain active after its first year. It takes an unending dedication to maintain a blog and keep it active but it all starts from the beginning. The question, “Why” tends to explain the reason some have quit and others are still sticking on.

“I think I started doing it by chance and when it started and I was getting good feedback, it motivated me to do more”, he revealed.


Ameyaw Debrah has been involved in countless number of projects but he admits that Ameyawdebrah.com is his heartbeat.

“(I started)A lot but my pride and joy is ameyawdebrah.com.  Building it all by myself and seeing it grow. I also started pulse.com.gh as a project manager before leaving to set up and manage YEN.com.gh. The latter has grown to become the second most visited Ghanaian website and that brings me equal joy,” he said.

Nominations and Awards
Ameyaw Debrah has been nominated for several awards, home and abroad. Here are a few of the ones he has won.

Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards,  Best Showbiz and Entertainment Blog -2013
City People Entertainment Awards,  Best Blogger or online reporter (Ghana) -2013
Waves International, Young Professional of the year – 2013
Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards,  Best Instagram Account -2014
Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards- Best blogger, 2015
Pan African Humanitarian Awards- Social Media Personality of the Year Award- 2015
Jigwe Awards, Blogger of the Year – 2016
Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards, Best Instagram Account – 2016
Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards- Best blogger, 2016
TANOE Ghana StartUp Awards – Media Setup of the Year for Ameyaw Debrah Media, 2016
High School Excellence Awards – Legend of the Year – 2016
Falcon Awards – Best Blogger – 2016
African Pride Awards – Outstanding Media & PR – 2016
Ghana Entertainment Awards USA – Best Entertainment Blogger, 2017

Aside all these awards, Ameyaw Debrah still has bigger dreams for the future. When asked what he wishes to achieve in the next decade, his reply was just simple and inspirational.

“I want to be seen as a leading producer of multimedia content in Africa. Employing young and creative minds to show the world what Africa has to offer.”

Prior to achieving his dream in the next decade, Ameyaw Debrah believes consistent hard work and staying true to the values he believes in could get him there though he still believes a lot of it would also depend on how well Ghana and the rest of the world adapt to the platforms he finds himself working in.

“I still see very low levels of digital advertising and promotions in Ghana. That must change!” he said.

According to a report by Hubspot, 92% of marketers say that social media is important to their business. Though digital marketing may be new to some companies in Ghana, it is hoped that 60% of companies in Ghana will adopt digital marketing by 2030.

Speaking on the challenges encountered on his way up, Ameyaw Debrah admitted it was hard at the becoming when he started blogging. Passion was key at that stage.

“…especially in the beginning when there were no real streams of income from blogging. But I was motivated by life, and doing what I loved, what I was passionate about, and creating my own future”, he said.


“I don’t often look to people for such influence but I think my dad would be a good example because I saw how he worked hard to take care of us and that instilled the discipline of hard work, and dedication”, he revealed.


Up the stairs of life, there is always this one thing we wish we could change, though 99.9% of them are unchangeable. They may not probably be our greatest regret in life but maybe decisions we wished we had made earlier or delayed in making. When Ameyaw Debrah was asked on the one thing he could change if he had the power to do so, his answer was, “I would have wished I got married very early in life.”

Advice for other young people

The ace blogger had some advice for other young people who want to follow in his footsteps.
“My advice is that they should look for their passion and work it at. If they want to be bloggers, they should cover subjects that they are passionate about. Whether it is environment, business, healthcare or community development. A good blogger is one who is passionate about what he writes about and not the money or status that can come with it.”

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