Apply to the Atlas Corps Professional Development Programs

Atlas Corps invites social change leaders from around the world to apply for our Blended and In-Person Fellowships and our Virtual Leadership Institute!

Atlas Corps is accepting applications now for Fellowships beginning in 2021. We encourage candidates to apply by October 23 to receive priority consideration.

Eligibility for the Atlas Corps Programs

— Two or more years of full-time professional experience working to address critical social issues;
— Bachelor’s degree or equivalent;
— English proficiency (oral, writing, reading);
— Age 35 or younger;
— Citizens of EVERY country (except the U.S.) are eligible to apply to all our programs.

Additional requirements for the Blended Fellowship and In-Person Fellowship in the U.S.:
— Commitment to return to your home country after the 12-18 month Fellowship;
— Commitment to living on a basic stipend that only covers food, shared housing, and local transportation.

Additional requirements for the Virtual Leadership Institute:
— Technological capacity to participate in video calls (1-2 per month);
— Availability to commit to 2-3 hours of online activity and assignments per week for 7 months.

For more explanation of these requirements, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Application Process

You need to submit only one application to be considered for all Atlas Corps professional development programs. Please indicate on your application whether you are interested in the Fellowship, Virtual Leadership Institute, or both.

Atlas Corps considers applications on a rolling basis, though we encourage you to apply as soon as possible to be considered for programs starting soon. The application is a multi-step process.

1. Application & Selection Board Review

Applicants are required to register for an account and save their login information through our online application system so that they can return to the application at any time.

The application includes a brief eligibility test to determine if applicants meet the basic requirements of our programs. Once applicants pass that initial eligibility test, they will be asked to give information on their passport, travel/visa history, language skills, employment history, professional skills, and social issue areas. They will also be asked to complete three short essay questions.

The application also requires additional attachments:

A. An official transcript or diploma from previously attended universities.

B. Two Recommendations: Applicants are required to submit contact information for at least two recommenders who know them in a professional capacity. Applicants will need to send their requests directly through the application system. Their recommenders will receive an email that asks for a recommendation. More detailed instructions can be found in the online application form.

Applicants may submit the online application before they upload their transcript/diploma and before the recommenders complete their forms. However, applicants will not be able to proceed to the later steps of the selection process until the entire application is complete. At that stage, the Atlas Corps Selection Board will review applications to determine to select strong applicants to move on to the interview stage. The Atlas Corps Selection board includes the Atlas Corps staff and nonprofit sector, government, and business leaders from multiple countries.

2. Selection Board Interview (by invitation only)

Atlas Corps selects top applicants who have the potential to match potential Host Organization placements and/or to qualify for the Virtual Leadership Institute for an interview via Skype with the Atlas Corps Selection Board.

3. Semi-Finalist Status

Applicants that pass the interview stage will be designated a Semi-Finalist for the Atlas Corps Fellowship and/or Virtual Leadership Institute. Semi-Finalists for the Fellowship are eligible to be reviewed by potential Host Organizations for placements based on their interests and skillset and the organization’s needs. Semi-Finalists for the Virtual Leadership Institute are eligible to be invited to participate in the program.

4a. Host Organization Review and Interview for the Fellowship (by invitation only)

Potential Host Organizations submit position descriptions for their available Fellowship positions to Atlas Corps. We search our pool of Semi-Finalists for the top candidates that are the best fit for those positions and forward their applications to potential Host Organizations for a review.

Potential Host Organizations invite Semi-Finalists that best match their positions to conduct Skype video interviews with them, moving on to the Finalist stage. The Host Organization may ask for additional information from the Finalists, such as sample assignments.

4b. Invitation to Virtual Leadership Institute

Atlas Corps selects its top Semi-Finalists to invite to the Virtual Leadership Institute. Candidates must submit a brief interest form that describes their technological capacity, availability to attend sessions, and a leadership challenge on which they’d like to focus. Semi-Finalists can be considered for both the Virtual Leadership Institute and the Atlas Corps Fellowship at the same time.

5a. Selection for the Fellowship

Host Organizations will make their final recommendations to Atlas Corps, and Atlas Corps will notify the selected applicants. After being selected, Atlas Corps will support Fellows making the necessary logistical arrangements to prepare for the Fellowship. For the online component of the Blended Fellowship, Atlas Corps will support Fellows in reaching the technological capacity necessary to complete Host Organization requirements. For the In-Person Fellowship and the U.S.-based component of the Blended Fellowship, Atlas Corps will support Fellows in applying for a J-1 visa in their respective countries.

Semi-Finalists who are not selected by a Host Organization will be notified and may be given the option to keep their application on file for consideration for the next class of the Fellowship. Atlas Corps will continually reassess Semi-Finalists to determine if they are still in consideration for future Fellowship placements. Semi-Finalists MUST update their availability through their account every 2-4 months in order to remain in consideration for the Fellowship and to be eligible to have their application sent to prospective Hosts. Semi-Finalists will periodically receive a reminder email to do so.

5b. Selection for the Virtual Leadership Institute

Atlas Corps selects Semi-Finalists who have successfully confirmed their interest and availability to participate in the Virtual Leadership Institute as Atlas Corps Scholars. Atlas Corps facilitates the enrollment of Scholars into the program.


Atlas Corps accepts applications year-round. We recommend submitting your application as soon as possible to initiate the review process for the Fellowship and/or Virtual Leadership Institute. When you apply for our programs, you’re not applying for a specific start date or a specific Host Organization. You are applying for the opportunity to be considered by Atlas Corps (and potential Host Organizations) for programs starting throughout the year.

We notify selected Fellows and Scholars approximately 4-8 weeks before the start of any program. Acceptance to a Fellowship class or Institute cohort cannot be deferred to a future start date.

Our Fellow Classes start approximately four times a year (typically January, April, July, and October), and we will continue to monitor health, travel, and visa guidelines to determine when Blended Fellows and In-Person Fellows can come to the U.S.

Atlas Corps will launch its Virtual Leadership Institute with cohorts starting in November 2020 and January 2021.


For More info, visit their website: https://atlascorps.org/apply/

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