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Over 100 African activists and academics sign open letter to Eritrean head of state

Over 100 leading African journalists, democracy and human rights advocates from 52 out of 54 African countries have signed an open letter written to Eritrea’s head of state, President Isaias Aferwerki.

African Fashion Fund Welcomes Five New Board Members

With a mission, to provide the highest quality of opportunities and experiences to African designers, the African Fashion Fund (AFF) has announced names of five new board members who have joined the organisation to nurture more successful African designers in the global fashion industry and luxury market.

Ghanaian Autism Advocate, Afi Antonio Speaks with CGTN Africa.

With the rising advocacy about conditions of people living with Autism, Ghanaian lead advocate Afi Antonio, who has courted the audience of global media on autism in the past has been speaking to the China Global Television Network (CTGN).

Hype is not Entrepreneurship

In recent times, I have seen lots of young entrepreneurs starting business and not focused on making money, but rather attaining a certain class in society, as a CEO. Most young entrepreneurs today are more motivated by the celebrity lifestyle some successful entrepreneurs showcase hence their pursuit to find a problem in the society to solve.But after all, they end the day being broke, or leaving their startup to start another or probably make use of their network to be employed elsewhere.

How to build a brand from scratch

From my personal experience in starting a rating & PR firm, Avance Media, it’s always inspiring to share the evolution story of one of the fastest growing PR agencies in Africa especially when it has been built from nothing into a respected brand not only in Ghana but across the continent.


How Dubai Expo’s Culinary Experience Is Uniting The World Through Food

With more than 250 restaurants representing 191 countries all...

Ericsson Sues Apple Again Over 5G Patent Licensing Infringements

Telecom giant Ericsson has filed another set of patent...

Microsoft plans to buy Call of Duty company Activision Blizzard for nearly $70bn

Microsoft says it plans to buy major games company...