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Be Smart, Other People can do the Hard Work

It is natural for people to always want to feel they are in charge by trying to head over everything even when they lack the needed expertise.
There are many young graduates in a company who can do some work efficiently than their superiors but they are never given the chance. Whatever success these graduates chalk at work will eventually be credited to their superiors and company at large. Why don’t you let them do the work for you to take the credit.
A teacher will try by all means to teach every topic even when he admits some of the topics confuses him. You can ask a fellow teacher who understands it better to teach that topic for you and when the children pass in their exams, you will still receive the credit.
Some bloggers are making much money by publishing stories from other websites and crediting them. Why should he spend hours working on stories other people have dealt with knowledgeably? Finally, readers are directed to his blog and makes him money.
In the smartphone world, manufacturers buy parts of their smartphones from rival companies. Samsung supplied the OLED screens used by Apple on their iPhone 8. iPhone’s camera is rumoured to be manufactured by LG. But guess who takes the credit anytime a fancy iPhone is released? Your guess is right, Apple. Why should they spend precious time developing phone parts others have manufactured and are efficient. They could spend that time working on their productivity and health apps whilst Samsung or LG is left with the headache of manufacturing screens and cameras to meet Apple’s demand.
If we decide to do everything because we are in charge, we will finally die achieving very little.
Many young gifted people are leaving some churches because their pastors are trying very much to keep them down for fear of them taking all the praise. Whatever praise these young gifted guys bring to the church finally lands at the feet of the pastor.

Another perfect example is a fable by German writer, Gotthold Lessing who lived from 1729-1781.
“A hen who had lost her sight and was accustomed to scratching up the earth in search of food, although blind, still continued to scratch away most diligently. Of what use was it to the industrious fool? Another sharp-sighted hen who spared her tender feet never moved from her side, and enjoyed, without scratching, the fruit of the other’s labor. For as often as the hen scratched up a barley-corn, her watchful companion devoured it.”

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