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Believe In Your Little Beginnings


As the ancient Chinese proverb says, a journey of  thousand miles must start with a single step.
Its looks difficult at the starting line but, the secret of getting ahead is getting started.
You get started by  breaking those complex tasks/goals into smaller sizes and start on the first one.
The first one is usually difficult to get done with but once you start working on the tasks one after the other, you will be surprised about what you can really do.
And let me remind you that you’re surely going to experience at least  these three types of people along the way;
1. Those who will try to discourage you from starting.
2. Those who will quietly watch you make all the mistakes without offering assistance , And then
3. Those who will move heaven and earth to make sure you succeed at what you’ve started working on.

By now, I guess you know which on to focus on right?

In conclusion, all I’m saying is that,  never belittle your own accomplishments. In as much as they look very insignificant today, Remember them and use them as your motivation as you go on to the next thing.

Remember it’s never too late to get started.

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