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Best Fiverr Alternative For Finding Top Freelancers in Ghana (2024)

Over the past years, freelance work has seen tremendous growth and it’s expected to grow even further. Many sources indicate that by 2030, about 80% of the workforce in the world would be freelancers. These numbers clearly indicate the relevance of freelance work which used to be thought of as extra jobs and side gigs in the past. These days, more and more people are looking towards freelance work as a major source of employment.

The most popular platform for freelancers is Fiverr. It is a website that helps you to get your job as a freelancer. It provides jobs related to digital marketing, writing, translation, audio editing, video editing and many more. The site also offers a simple way to build an impressive portfolio. But Fiverr is headquartered in Arizona in the USA.  Is there any platform in Ghana which serves the same purpose as Fiverr but run by Ghanaians, someone may ask as I used to also ask? The answer is Yes. Their name is Cedijob.

I initially registered on their platform as a freelancer, looking for companies to design their websites or create content for them. Later, I realized I could make use of the many skillful artisans and professionals on the platform. It is now my one-stop platform where I could find customers and also get my work done in areas I have little or no expertise. Now let me tell you about this Ghanaian ‘Fiverr’, Cedijob.

Cedijob is an online platform that connects skilled independent professionals with people who need their services, eliminating the frustration and difficulty that comes with finding qualified people for certain skills. The global freelance industry is growing and as employers are finding ways of minimizing the burdens that come with hiring, contract workers for certain tasks are fast becoming the preferred option and that’s where they come in.

Through Cedijob, creators can easily and conveniently create a virtual office where they can collaborate with investors and consumers. Cedijob targets all who want to work as freelancers using their skills, those looking for all sorts of job postings, and all who want to post jobs online and hire people to get them done in exchange for money. With this very platform, one can make a wide range of connections with employers, investors and job posters.

How Cedijob works

1.      Post your job: It takes a minute to post your job. Add a skill category, deadline, attachment and others.

2.      Applicants apply: Applicants will come to you. Wait for them to apply, view profile and choose your favourite.

3.      Hire your favourite: After selecting your favourite for the job, exchange messages on the job and that is it.

Why I believe Cedijob is best for Ghanaians

Cedijob provides you with customers and professionals who understand your language. There is no professional you seek to hire that does not exist on their platform and You need not do any conversion before knowing how much you will receive or pay. Moreover supporting a Ghanaian company to succeed means putting money into Ghanaians pockets.

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