Black-Owned Tech Company Releases Water Resistant Wireless Earbuds With Longer Lasting Battery

Freddie Figgers, founder of Figgers Communications, continues to make history as one of the most innovative African American inventors and tech entrepreneurs of our time.
Young Jeezy wearing the new F-Buds produced by Figgers Communications

Imagine being able to speak to anyone, anywhere at anytime without any regard for language barriers or interruptions! Now imagine all of that technology fitting comfortably, but securely within your ear! For just $49.99 the F-Buds have smashed the wireless competition and created a new standard. Offering 50 hours of talk time on a single charge and up to 100ft of crystal clear sound with Google voice commands, the F-Buds are a must have! The F-Buds can be purchased separately or with the new F-3 by going to Figgers.com/F-buds or by calling 1-800-223-5435. The F-Buds will also pair with any Bluetooth smart device on the market.
Figgers Communications neglected not one detail in the designing of the F-Buds. Built to last, these ergonomic buds are water resistant so they will not fall out during rigorous workouts or extremely rainy days. They will remain fully dry and functional through it all. Gone are the days of needing hours for a single recharge; the F-Buds when housed in their case needs only 30 minutes of down time before they are fully charged and ready to go again. The only earbuds, of its kind, that will translate any language (when paired with a F-3 along with Google Translate) allowing the user the opportunity to develop endless relationships around the globe. With just a setting international business becomes a reality. The youngest telecommunications company, with the youngest and most brilliant mogul at its helm the F-Buds is definitely taking the industry by storm.
“Everything I develop is always with the customer in mind,” said Freddie Figgers, CEO and president of Figgers Communications. “I took a close look at everything on the market and said to myself, that not only could I create a better product, but I could do it without charging a ridiculous price to enjoy them. I think people are tired of having to spend large amounts of money on accessories that do not stand up to the lifestyle test. I truly believe that my F-Buds will be the very accessory that changes the game and the wireless accessory that all others will become measured by.”

About Figgers Communications
Figgers Communications is a Florida-based telecommunications company with offices in Miami and Tallahassee. The Figgers brand includes Figgers Television and Figgers Health. In the early 2000s, Figgers Communications stepped boldly onto the scene with their iconic cell phones with state-of-the-art features and accessories. The youngest telecommunications company to rival Apple, Samsung, Verizon and Spectrum; Figgers Communications is solely the brain-child of Freddie Figgers, president and CEO; Freddie Figgers currently holds several US patents with many more to come.

Source: Blackbusiness.org

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