Black Woman CEOs Make History With Partnership to Teach Financial Literacy to Underprivileged Youth at Yale and Howard Univ.

Meet the prominent business professionals of color who are successfully leading our Black and Brown communities to financial empowerment, credit achievement, and powerful investing (generational wealth) through education. They are Derricka Harwell, CEO of BeautifyCredit, award-winning, published author of Beautiful Credit and founder of the “Beautiful Credit Tour” – an 18 city tour to inner-city high school youth to educate them on credit, free of charge; Neko Cheri, the Executive Director of State of the Black Dollar and Founder of Invest Gary, and lastly, Sierra Nicole, creator of Financially Lit & owner of a successful business development and automation company.
These powerful trailblazers are collectively changing the face of financial stability, money management, perfect credit and brilliant investing & they have teamed up with a one of a kind program, 3E Programs, Inc. to expand their reach and distribute imperative education and programming to assist minority youth, whom otherwise may have never received the information due to lack of resources in underprivileged communities.

3E Programs, Inc. is a program designed to assist Black and Brown children with the transition from high school to college through the use of Education, Exploration, and Elevation. In a traditional setting, summer pre-college and college prep programming are held using an in-person format at colleges and universities around the country. In this season of physical distancing, the program offers a wide variety of self-paced virtual courses to assist these students in assuring their readiness and confidence as they continue to excel academically. The program was founded by, Dr. Marquita Taylor, the Executive Director, Mr. Cessel Taylor, Chief of Sustainability and Mr. RaQuasm Smith, Chief of Partnerships, Procurement & Organizational Relations.

The collaboration of the two groups of successful Black individuals occurred when the global COVID-19 pandemic and the continued racial pandemic of 2020 began. The 3E program was forced to transition to a digital platform to ensure the safety of the youth, which presented the opportunity for the financial trailblazers to attribute digitally to the student’s economic success and understanding. Harwell, Cheri, and Nicole created powerful online courses to attribute to the curriculum and as a result, lives will be changed forever.

Regularly, the program is conducted at Yale University, Howard University, and Virginia Common Wealth University. It is free to all students, and those interested can register at 3EPrograms.org

Harwell referenced an article in CNBC in May of 2018 that stated over 68% of parents have admitted to not teaching their children basic information on credit. Harwell went on further to state, “Imagine the scope of numbers solely on Black families whose parents themselves never received education on credit from their parents to distribute to their children.” 3E Programs, Inc. and the virtual instructors of financial literacy, credit education, and investment subjects are creating more than online curriculums; They are changing the game for our youth for eternity.

For press inquiries, contact info@BeautifyCredit.com or (571) 308-6343


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