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Meet the Billionaire Whose $100M Program Will Create 10,000 Black Entrepreneurs In 10 Years

Tony Elumelu, a Nigerian billionaire entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, launched a 10-year entrepreneurship program worth $100 million in 2015 with a goal to support 10,000 entrepreneurs across Africa. Now in its 5th year, the program has already helped more than 7,500 entrepreneurs of African descent.

3 Friends Launched a Real Estate Firm and Have Already Closed Almost $100M in Deals

Three African American entrepreneurs -- Harrison Beacher, Ryan Butler, and Keith James -- have all had their success as individuals. But when they decided to merge together to form their Washington, DC-based real estate firm suitably called Coalition Properties Group(CPG), the sky has been their limit. In fact, they have yet to reach their first year together as business partners and they're already on track to reach $100 million in sales!

After Raising $23K on Kickstarter, Jeneba Barrie Nude Footwear Line Officially Launches

After successfully raising over $23K on Kickstarter, entrepreneur Jeneba Barrie has officially launched her line of diverse and inclusive luxury skin-tone (nude) shoes. The Jeneba Barrie Nude Footwear collection is dedicated to redefining the meaning of “nude”...

Our own languages matter in the digital age… Or do they?

Someone asked me the other day why I thought it was necessary to make the Sasai App available in different African languages. “What is the point?” he reasoned. “Most people who use digital platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, do so in English, French or Portuguese. They are educated. They don’t need languages like Shona, Ndebele and Yoruba. You are just wasting money; they will not bother to even use it.” I was so deeply saddened by what he said. For me this was an elitist mindset forged by the colonial era, when we were forced, almost brainwashed, to look down on things our own people do. Even though some African countries have been independent 60+ years, many of our people continue to hold this type of mindset!

Who is your market?

Let me start with a simple question: “Which is the bigger market, Nigeria (200m+) or Botswana (2m+)? Answer: “It depends on what you are selling”. An experienced entrepreneur does not see the size of a market in terms of the number of people in the market, but always in terms of what you are selling! Understanding your market is crucial before you can even begin to develop your marketing strategy. Who is supposed to buy this product of yours?

The secret of getting ahead is getting started

In the past 20 years digital economy businesses have erupted because of the rise of mobile Internet, creating global titans that have become household names. These include Google ($891.3bn, USA), Facebook ($554.2bn, USA), Amazon ($893.3bn, USA), Tencent ($405.4bn, China), Alibaba ($473.8bn, China), Baidu ($37.7bn, China), Uber ($46bn, USA), Grab (est $14bn, Singapore). These companies have a combined market capitalization of about $3.7tn, compared to the world’s 10 largest oil companies ($1.8tn) and the top 10 mining companies ($576bn).