Crowdfunding: A Criminal’s Hiding Place?

Every now and then, you get or see people creating a page and/or account (mobile money wallet or bank account) to solicit for funds to support a cause especially medical or social intervention causes. These people appeal to the emotions of the citizenry by showing pictures of what they want to do. As to whether the monies collected will be used for the intended purpose, is a question most of us don’t know. This practice, if not checked, can create an avenue for exploitation by criminals to advance their criminal activities. Terrorist Groups can or is adopting this technique to finance their terrorist activities. In Canada, over the past five years, cyber criminals have used crowdfunding websites to launder nearly $30 million.

Shared Strength: Leadership Lessons from the Red Wood Tree

Like many Nigerians, I read the embarrassing story of the 21st African Senior Athletics Championships held in Asaba, Delta State. I saw embarrassing pictures of Athletes sleeping on the floor at the airport in Lagos because they could not find connecting flights to Asaba for three days. I saw a picture of the collapsed overhead water tank in a newly constructed stadium. Yet, it took 4 billion naira to host the event.

Corruption As a Virus to Economic Growth

The term above is as pandemic as it is endemic to the national economy. Why? This is owing to the fact that virus as an organism behaves like a timing bomb and reproduces every millisecond of its young. Corruption has been described as a virus because it reproduces as it permits the fabric of society. The words of wisdom say that "charity begins at home" and here and now Nigeria will be the focal point of my discourse.

Business Plan Mistakes To Avoid

Some entrepreneurs get carried away in their zeal to demonstrate barriers to entry that set their company apart from others. A "Barrier to Entry" is proprietary information or knowledge, or a set management team experience no one else can claim. Factors that make your company stand out are attractive, but the reality is that no business has no competition.

You DON’T Need a Job

Every healthy person MUST work. There’s a difference between work and job. Even if you work for a government or corporate organization, you can be deployed to do what you love doing. When you do what you love doing, you never feel like you’re working. Work becomes your way of life.

Five things the past 20 years can teach us about our future worklives

 Imagine this: The sound of people working is constantly punctuated by the screech-and-scratch of dot matrix printers and the beeping of fax machines. Mobile...

What are you avoiding?

The cost of inaction is often greater than the cost of a mistake. The future is always uncertain. Possibilities you can’t see exist. You better be a hot mess in action than a perfectly organized coward. Too much order stifles growth. Don’t be stuck in procedures at the expense of progress.

Quitting Smoking… The Temple Of Success

If you want to quit smoking you will need all the help you get, including, friends, family, and your very own temple of success! Just...

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If You Don’t Cut off Negative People, They’ll Cut You Down to Their Size

Your dream is valid. Have faith in your abilities. If there’s a chance in a million, go for it!...

Dealing with Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are very frightening. They make you believe you’re in an emergency. They’ll make you think you’re losing...

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