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How Instagram Reels Can Be Used To Generate More Leads

Instagram reels are assumed to be the future of social media marketing. In recent times, only the minimal duration videos are performing well on Instagram. Instagram reels being a shorter-duration video format, it has been gaining vast reach since the day it was introduced. The videos are gaining colossal traffic, which is mainly due to their shorter duration. Generation Z and Millennials have started to spend massive time on Instagram reels. So, brands can use this feature which eventually helps them have consistent growth at ease.

TikTok Marketing: 5 Effective Ways To Grow Your Business

In the last few years, TikTok created a buzz in the social media world, and it is continuing to grow its popularity across the globe every day. The TikTok platform emerged as a famous entertaining social media landscape for the Generation Z audience. Due to its immense authentic content, the younger audience got attracted to the platform. According to a study, currently, the TikTok platform has over 800 million users. This stat shows how the TikTok platform is rising as a powerful social media platform worldwide.

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