Charles Wundengba Nominated for 40under40 Ghana Awards

Charles Wundengba, the Chief Executive Officer of Wundef Group has been nominated for the prestigious 40under40 Ghana awards under the Community Development category.

Charles Wundengba is a social entrepreneur, blogger and also the Executive Director of WunAid Foundation.


In 2015, when visiting one mining community in the Ashanti region as part of research on the impact of mining on communities mining is done, Charles met a group of young men who refused to talk about their sufferings with the Mining company in their community because they believed it wouldn’t go anywhere. They explained that a lot of people have been there to listen to their issues but nothing good came out of it. They were fed up and they believed they just had to cope with the situation. Right there, he made up his mind to amplify the voices of the weak in the society.

Later that year, together with two of his friends, Emmanuel Agyemfra and Genevieve Amponsah, they started Obuasitoday.com. Prior to starting Obuasitoday.com, Wundengba had started Northerngh.com (now Northernghana.net) in March of the same year to promote and educate people on the history and culture of the Upper East, Upper West and Northern regions.

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Learning to Develop Websites

In 2016, he realised updates on his websites weren’t going as expected since he had to always call his web developers and lodge a complaint before his websites were worked on. So he decided to learn website development. By June, 2016, after few months of watching tutorials on website development on Youtube, he had developed a Christian website called Sindefeated.com and started promoting Christian events, doctrines and news. Two months later, he added an online radio to the Christian website, Sindefeated Radio. The radio was listed on TuneIn in August 2017.

After partaking in the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) in Lagos, Nigeria (2017) , Charles Wundengba realised a lot of young people were changing the world in their own small ways. He decided to start a website that will promote the works of people who are causing change in their own small ways. Wundef.com was born. Wundef.com provides leadership, inspirational, financial articles and also profiles entrepreneurs. He has personally interviewed and profiled almost 20 young entrepreneurs across Africa. Other profiles were submitted by other writers in various African countries.

Training Events

Later in the year, he organised the first Young Entrepreneurs Conference in Obuasi.

He also organised free website development lessons for individuals which wished to learn to develop websites but did not have the funds to enable them to. In October, 2017, he was at the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria by an invitation from the Lagos Centre of YALI to teach the cohort on website development and Business promotion using social media. In November, he was called to GIMPA to also help the YALI cohort on website development.

Within January and April, 2018, he organised another free website development workshop for young people in Obuasi.

Subsequently, in March, 2018, he started another website to educate people who wish to learn about cryptocurrencies and the site was named Sikacoin.cc. Cryptocurrencies are the new online sensation and it is believed that the blockchain technology will take over our financial system. Ghanaians and Africans as a whole need to be educated on it.

He is currently developing an online market to help promote and sell locally manufactured products. The name of the website is Obibinimarket.com and it will be completed in November this year.


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