Game ChangersHe Started the First Entrepreneurship Blog in Ghana, This...

He Started the First Entrepreneurship Blog in Ghana, This is the Story of Charles Wundengba


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He Started the First Entrepreneurship Blog in Ghana, This is the Story of Charles Wundengba

Charles Wundengba is a teacher, blogger and digital marketer. He has over 5 years of experience in the online media. He blogs mostly on entrepreneurship but has other blogs for health, history and general news. In 2018, he was nominated for the Ghana 40under40 awards and also named among the Top 50 Bloggers in Ghana by Avance Media in 2018 and 2020.
He runs his show dubbed, The Wundef Show, on YouTube where he interviews entrepreneurs and game changers on their success and failure stories. In July, 2020, Charles was nominated for the 100 Most Influential Personalities from Northern Ghana.
Charles Wundengba is the Founder and managing editor of,,,, and the co-founder of He is also the Founder of his online television, Wundef TV where he hosts a show called the Wundef Show.

Early Life
Charles Wundengba was born in Bunn, a suburb of Tongo in the Talensi District in the Upper east region of Ghana. His father was working in Obuasi so Charles joined his dad in Obuasi at age four. His dad lost his job few months afterwards.

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In 1992, Charles started schooling at the Obuasi Presby Primary school where he continued to complete its junior high school in 2001. He went on to the Tweneboah Kodua Senior High school in Kumawu.
He then furthered on to the Wesley College of Education in Kumasi to be trained as a teacher. He became a graduate teacher after completing the University of Education, Winneba in 2012.
Charles Wundengba was the PENSA president at his days at senior high school and also the Disciplinary Committee Chairman at Wesley College. He was also the Writers and Debaters Club President at Tweneboah Kodua Senior high school from 2003 to 2004.
Charles is currently pursuing further studies at the University of Education, Winneba.

Going into Blogging

In 2015, when visiting one mining community in the Ashanti region as part of a World Bank research on the impact of mining on communities mining is done, Charles met a group of young men who refused to talk about their issues with the Mining Company in their community because they believed it wouldn’t go anywhere. They explained that a lot of people have been there to listen to their stories but nothing good came out of it. They were fed up and they believed they just had to cope with the situation. Right there, Charles made up my mind to amplify the voices of the weak.
“When young people feel no one cares about them, they take the law into their own hands and the outcome could affect many lives”, he said.
Later that year, he started to deal specifically with news related to the Obuasi community and amplify the voices of the people there. has become the most reliable online news portal for everything about Obuasi. Prior to starting, Charles Wundengba had started (now in March of the same year to promote and educate people on the history and culture of the Northern regions.
“There were so many misconceptions of people from Northern Ghana. Some people thought the north is always violent because of the news they always hear and see from the media. I wanted to change that narrative” he explained.

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In 2016, Charles felt updates on his websites weren’t going as expected since he had to always call his web developers and lodge a complaint before his websites were updated. So he decided to learn website development. By June, 2016, after few months of watching tutorials on website development on YouTube and support from a friend, he had developed a Christian website called’s main purpose is to promote Christian events, doctrines and news. Two months afterwards, he added an online radio to the Christian website, Sindefeated Radio. The radio was listed on TuneIn in August 2017 and in the same year nominated for the award of Best Christian Online Radio at the Shine Awards Ghana 2017.
Through, Charles organized Praizfest, a Christian event which successfully took place in Obuasi in 2017 and 2018 and then in Bolgatanga in 2019 in partnership with Minister Edwina in Bolgatanga.

Charles Wundengba during the Climate Justice March at the 2019 Africa Climate Week in Accra, Accra.

Early 2017, Charles started which sought to inspire young people to go into entrepreneurship. After partaking in the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) in Lagos, Nigeria (2017), where he met over 100 other young entrepreneurs and leaders from other West African countries, Charles Wundengba realized a lot of young people were changing the world in their own small ways but no one knew about them and the impact they were making. He then decided to promote the works of people who are causing change in their own small ways. was changed to provides leadership, inspirational, financial articles and also profiles of entrepreneurs and inspirational leaders. Charles Wundengba has personally interviewed and profiled almost 100 young entrepreneurs across Africa. Other profiles were submitted by other writers in various African countries.

In November, 2018, he organized the first Young Entrepreneurs Conference in Obuasi. In the same month, a health related website was also released, after which another website to promote the history of Africa was born,
He has also organized four free workshops on website development for individuals who wished to learn to develop websites but did not have the funds to enable them to.

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Since 2015, Charles Wundengba has being volunteering for the 350 Ghana Reducing Our Carbon (350 GROC) as their Digital Team Leader.

Wundef Show and Wundef TV
After profiling entrepreneurs on his website for 2 years, he decided to add a video interview of these entrepreneurs. In May, 2019, Charles Wundengba released his first video of the Wundef Show, a show where he talks to entrepreneurs and young leaders on their success and failure stories. The videos are share on Facebook and his YouTube channel, Wundef TV. So far, he has released 24 videos on the show.
In July, 2020, Charles was nominated for the 100 Most Influential Personalities from Northern Ghana.


Plans for the next 5 months
Charles Wundengba hopes to have his show, The Wundef Show, telecast on a national television before the year ends. He also plans to make his blogs reach and impact more people.



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