Checkout a Real African Shero, Feyisayo Treasure Adanlawo, Founder of Treasure House Foundation.

Feyisayo Treasure Adanlawo is a passionate young lady who is just passionate about anything that will benefit humanity. After spending 5 weeks with Feyisayo Treasure Adanlawo at the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria, (ASCON), I left for my home country, Ghana, knowing Nigeria has a bright future. 

Now, who really is this young African shero, Feyisayo Treasure Adanlawo.

Feyisayo Treasure Adanlawo is a 27 year old Serial Entrepreneur, Teenage Life Coach and Writer.

She graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy and in 2017 with a Masters’ Degree in Gender Studies. She has attended conferences and done several training in Management, Effectiveness Coaching, Capacity Building, and Leadership. She was a participant at the Young African Leaders Initiative YALI (An Obama Initiative) Nigeria Cohort 2 in ASCON, Lagos, and she is currently also taking a training on Neuro-linguistics programming (NLP).

She has a passion to impact the lives of young adults and teenagers to desire greatness by maximizing all the opportunities available to better their lives as well as help them develop their minds to be able to innovate and contribute to life even as young people.

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.”
Shannon L. Alder

She is also very passionate about helping young people who are entangled with drugs, sexual addiction and emotional instability. She serves as an intermediary between them and the experts who can help them (psychologists; Brain Dynamics, Justice for Rape and Sexual Assault Victims, Sexual Therapists, Forensic Medical Services, And Counselling Services).

Feyisayo Treasure Adanlawo founded Treasure House Foundation in 2016, as a nonprofit organization poised at helping to groom young people to become all that they could ever be against all odds on their way.

Having discovered, through research in her community that idleness and lack of direction were root causes of several issues among young people, she started a skill training empowerment programme, which had the impact of helping people who had been through therapy to integrate back into the society. La Treasure Creations, a subsidiary of Treasure House Foundation is a creative fashion accessory line which focuses on making bags and fashion accessories from fabrics and also handmade jewelry. La Treasure Creations was founded to train young people from the foundation in various skills, art and craft.

Feyi, as I always call her, did an Academic research on Rape Relief which brought her close to several sexual assault victims and gave her an understanding of their plight and how to bring them closer to help. She has worked with over 100 young people in the areas of emotional instability, poor academic performance, sexually related addiction as well as rape relief through several related organizations that she volunteers for including Media Concern Initiative for women and children [MediaCon].

 Feyisayo Treasure Adanlawo is also the co-Founder and Manager of Accentuate Cleaning Service Limited; a professional cleaning facility maintenance company aimed at raising the scale of cleanliness. They are committed to providing modern, professional, environmental – friendly and efficient services to commercial, industrial and domestic clients.

Their mission is to provide integrated world class cleaning and support services through the use of environmental friendly products in a sustainable manner.

Having lost her mother at the age of two and her father two decades after, one would think that she would sink into a quagmire of depression. But, that has not been the case! She has risen above all odds to become a quintessential example of greatness to many people around her, hence her desire to help young people be all that they could possibly be regardless of their background so that they could live a fulfilled life and in turn positively change their world.

Her road hasn’t been without challenges.She has encountered various challenges along the way especially within her for-profit business (Accentuate Cleaning Services Ltd.) one of which is lack of funding for expansion, mobility of heavy cleaning tools and machines to sites where they are needed.

Another challenge about her cleaning business is that it is a relatively new industry though many people are involved, a large percentage of potential end users do not see why they should pay good money for cleaning that their household staff could do as well, interpreting the components of professional cleaning to a layman who doesn’t understand green cleaning, eco system friendly cleaning as well as cleaning health and safety measures is extremely difficult.

Through Treasure House Foundation, she has been able to reach out to young people in secondary schools teaching them about the importance of making their lives count as well as exposing them to the dangers of several social vices they may be entangled with and how it will hinder them from having a great life. She intends to spread out across all secondary schools in Lagos state within the next 3 years, Nigeria within the next 7 years, organizing more skill training and empowerment seminars to young adults as both a tool of rehabilitation and empowerment.

 By 2037, she hopes Treasure House Foundation would be affiliated to major charity organizations in the world thereby reaching out to more young people across Africa

Accentuate Cleaning Services Ltd. On the other hand was established in 2015 with only one client but within two years it has grown to seven (7); four monthly janitorial centers, two executive home keep and a Church Building.

With passion and drive, she believes Accentuate Cleaning Services Ltd. will be a household name within the next 2 years, providing top class Janitorial services to all the top organizations in Africa and they would have delved into a number of ventures like creating their own cleaning consumable plant and producing environmental friendly cleaning solution as well as sales of cleaning equipment and training. All these, as she made me to understand, have been outlined into long and short term goals to be followed strictly putting flexibility to potential new models to bear.

“I want to motivate the young people in Africa to dream BIG, Anyone who aspires to be great would be great but it is dependent on their imaginative capacity, if you cannot see what you desire, you cannot achieve it” – Feyisayo Treasure Adanlawo


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