Choose Your Own Change and Personal Values Beliefs – What Happens When You Don’t Speak Your Truth

When you have stop listening to, expressing and living your truth, life energy and passion leaks and oozes away. The foundation of what sustains your joy, life purpose and victorious self cracks and lays open, bare, dry and parched, denied of self nurture and self love.

If you are already clear about what your truth is in any given situation, the chief reason you may not speak your truth is because you do not feel safe. You may feel that speaking up, speaking your truth with clarity may result in loss of something you feel is critical to your well being.

This perceived or real risk of loss may cause your comfort zone to be shifted and transformed and you may feel that you are not ready for that or that you do not want that. So you hold back, hold in and let your truth remain silent, unshared and withheld from blessing and expanding consciousness in those with whom you interact.

In that moment, your ego self that cares about things staying as they are, scores a point. Your comfort zone has been maintained, no important breaches have taken place. Your Soul, your Authentic Self, takes a back seat to fear of backlash.

Except that the most important foundation of your life has been cracked and left vulnerable. Your truth about something that is important to you has been left without oxygen on the floor, trampled by you and left for dead.

You are safe. Get clear on what is important in your life, express that where and when and to whom you need to and let your life itself reflect what you know to be who you are inside. And let the chips fall where they may.

If you need to take positive steps to make your physical, emotional and mental safety and wellness a reality, then take those steps. You will, in partnership with Life, create the support that you need because Life Itself lines up, supports and honours truth, authenticity and courage.

by Angela Chen Shui

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