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Learning to be Content, 5 Ways to do it

To be happy means to show pleasure or contentment. You could have everything on this earth but until you are content with it, you can never be happy. That explains why some rich and wealthy people are committing suicide and some poor men who hardly make GH¢10 a day are still alive believing tomorrow shall be better.

Contentment is great gain!

You don’t become happy because you have built a new house or bought a new car or just got married. You became happy when you are content with what you have got. Many marriages have hit the rocks because it got to a point where the man or woman was no more content with the person he or she married. Many relationships have broken up because one party did not appreciate the little things the other did. We seems to expect a lot and we later end up feeling discontent.


Instances that may make us feel discontent

Imagine you just bought a new dress from the boutique and you are very happy with it till you got home. A friend of yours asks you how much you bought it. You told her its GH¢100 and she tells you she bought the same thing the previous day for GH¢50. Instantly you ask her to bring her dress. She brings it and it is the exact thing.

You suddenly lose interest in the shoes you loved so much a few minutes ago and you wish you could send it back for your money. What changed here? If she had told you she bought her dress for the same price or higher, you would have had a lengthy discussion about how nice the dress is. You think you have been cheated based on the amount your friend bought it and you don’t like the dress any longer. The problem is not with the dress, it is the same. The problem is you.
Someone is being paid GH¢5000 as salary and you are receiving GH¢2000. You were happy with your work till you realized your friend is receiving a better salary elsewhere. You now don’t give your work the needed attention because you feel you are being cheated. The problem is not with the salary, the problem is you.

Let’s look at these five principles that could help you remain content in every circumstance.

Take a moment and begin to be grateful for something in your life.

What in your life is amazing? whether or not everything seems to go well for you or not, there must be one good thing you could be grateful for. It could simply be the relationship you are into or that you just are alive, or that your kids are healthy. Find something, and show gratitude.


Stop thinking that everything about you or around is bad.

It’s surprising how often people have this thought. “My co-workers always gossip behind my back, they are bad people!” You may also think your wife is proud and arrogant because she doesn’t understand you. If you always find yourself making such negative statements or having such thoughts, pause. Reverse your thinking. Find how to be thankful in every situation. “My wife could be a caring and sweet person — maybe I should treat her better.” “My co-workers could be annoying sometimes, but they could have a good heart, and perhaps I should mind my words and ways so that they have nothing to complain about.” “My room may well be small and messy but atleast I have got a roof over my head.”


Find the little things that may offer you simple joys.

What makes you happy? I like watching the sun set, listening to cool music, spending time with my close friends, drinking tea and watching some movies. These cost little or nothing at all but they make me very happy. Find those things that provide you with similar happiness, and concentrate on those instead of what you don’t have.

Find the items about yourself that you’re proud of.

We tend to criticize ourselves easily but what if we decide to turn it around and asked, “What do we do right? What am I good at? What’s loveable about me?” Make a list of them. Start to concentrate on these items instead of what you’re unhappy with.

Do to others in your life the same thing you did to yourself in my previous point.

Instead of criticizing them, ask yourself, “What is sweet about this person? What do I really like about them?” Make an inventory, and treat those around you according to their strength but not according to their weakness.

Count your blessings against those who don’t have what you have. If you do so against those higher than you, you might think your blessing is a curse. Don’t let discontentment steal your joy and happiness.

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