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Corona Virus: Africa must look at it’s past for solution – Ezeigbo of Ghana


As the Corona Virus scare is shutting down large and small economies around the world, drastic measures are being sought for to bring some relief to the pandemic that has claimed several lives and affected several others in different ways.  Africa as a continent has begun to record imported cases of Corona Virus, prompting various African leaders to come out with home grown remedies to halt the spread of the virus in Africa.

One such leader who have added his voice to the call is the EzeIgbo of Ghana HRM King Dr. Chukwudi  J. Ihenetu. Speaking to bloggers from the Ghana Chamber of Content Producers , the King reiterated the need for Africans to begin looking into their past for solution to such pandemics.

“This is the point I have always made, we trivialize everything God has given to us, we allowed the west to condemn our God given resources and we embraced their judgement without asking questions”. He stated .

Speaking on the situation in Nigeria, He said “You can imagine that security agencies in Nigeria arrest people for trading or transporting ogogoro while across our seaports foreign alcohol of the same components are being imported with our foreign reserves being depleted. While components of cocaine is used for drug production our marijuana was prohibited. And now a marijuana that was largely an African wide vegetable has now become a big business plant in America because of its various uses, including drug production. ”

The King further spoke on how our history has been sidelined at our own  detriment ” Before the coming of the west, our forefathers had solution for almost all their needs based on what is available to us. But today we have become so brainwashed and unable to think of what to do with our natural resources. Drugs produced from Chinese herbs which is available to them and in tune with their DNA are being imported here while those of our continent are being abandoned and are going extinct.

Unfortunately, this primitive thinking is enforced by our security agencies who inadvertently are serving western interest while undermining Africa’s development.

Africans must as a matter of fact begin to look inwards for solution. There should be a concerted effort towards backward integration. Before some of our finest medicinal herbs go extinct we must return to our rural communities and begin to document them. Our universities and research institutions must begin to focus on how to utilize what is available to us because it is very strategic to building our economy and our technological advancement.”

In conclusion, he admonished Africans to use this period of isolation to Rediscover themselves and develop home made solutions to Africa’s problems.



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