Experience the Luxury of Handmade Footwear with Duubee Shoes

Duubee Shoes, founded by Peace Andoh in 2016, is a Ghanaian-based footwear manufacturing company that has been steadily making waves in the industry. With a passion for leatherwork and a desire to create employment for people, Andoh has been able to turn his talent into a thriving business that is making a mark both locally and internationally.

The Beginning of Duubee Shoes

Growing up in Obuasi, Andoh had always been fascinated by leatherwork and would often watch a famous shoemaker in his hometown make shoes. He was just in Class 6 at the time. After completing secondary school and facing several unsuccessful attempts to enroll in a tertiary institution or travel out to Italy, Andoh decided to put his skills to use and start his own business. In 2016, he founded Duubee Shoes in Esiama, a town in the Western region of Ghana.

Manufacturing and Leather Accessories

Duubee Shoes specializes in the production of high-quality handmade footwear and leather accessories such as belts, bags, and wallets. All products are made with genuine leather, sourced locally. The company prides itself on its attention to detail and commitment to using traditional craftsmanship techniques to produce unique, durable products that are both stylish and functional.

Making Waves in the Industry

Since its inception, Duubee Shoes has been steadily gaining recognition both locally and internationally. In 2022, Peace Andoh became the first African shoemaker to contest for the World Championship in Shoemaking in the United Kingdom, with his shoe being shipped for the competition. Although Andoh was unable to attend the competition in person due to financial difficulties, his shoe was placed 17th in the world championship and first in Africa.

Jury at the World Championship in Shoemaking

Future Goals

Looking to the future, Duubee Shoes aims to compete with top brands in the industry and establish itself as a global leader in handmade footwear and leather accessories. The company is currently located in Madina, Accra, and has plans to expand both locally and internationally.

Supporting Made in Ghana Products

As a passionate advocate for locally made products, Peace Andoh encourages Ghanaians and the wider community to support the growth of small businesses in Ghana by patronizing made-in-Ghana products. Duubee Shoes is a shining example of the creativity and ingenuity of Ghanaian entrepreneurs and a testament to the potential for growth and success in the country’s business landscape.

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