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Easy Housing Sets the Stage for a Housing Revolution in Ghana


In the heart of West Africa, where vibrant culture meets the pressing need for affordable and sustainable housing, a remarkable transformation is on the horizon. Easy Housing, the game-changer in the housing sector, is all set to make its mark in Ghana. With an innovative approach to construction and a commitment to safety, sustainability and comfort, Easy Housing is already making waves in the housing world.

Reimagining Homeownership with Easy Housing and the R2O Scheme

Easy Housing’s vision goes far beyond mere construction; it’s a movement that’s set to redefine homeownership in Ghana. Imagine owning your dream home for as little as $9,000! With this unbelievably affordable starting point, the dream of homeownership is now within reach for countless Ghanaians. But the road to homeownership is often hindered by financial constraints. That’s where Easy Housing’s revolutionary R2O scheme comes into play. It’s a collaboration with financial entities that allows clients to transition from renters to homeowners by paying monthly premiums. This innovative scheme has already witnessed immense success in Uganda, with over 200 subscribers and 100 plus more expressing interest in direct purchases. Easy Housing isn’t just building houses; they’re making the dream of affordable homeownership even more accessible and attainable.

Sustainable Housing: The Need of the Hour

In Ghana, the growing demand for affordable housing solutions has underscored the severity of the housing crisis, leaving many families without secure and comfortable living spaces. Easy Housing, however, has emerged as a promising solution, integrating sustainability into its affordable housing approach through its innovative circular and biobased building technology. By using locally-sourced timber from FSC forestry companies, Easy Housing not only ensures the affordability of their homes but also actively contributes to environmental conservation, effectively combating deforestation and promoting forest growth.

Easy Housing’s eco-friendly construction methods not only prioritize affordability but also resilience and environmental sustainability. Their commitment to using green technology not only makes homeownership more accessible but also contributes to a more sustainable future for Ghana, addressing the urgent need for affordable and environmentally friendly housing solutions.

Durable and Climate-Adaptive Housing with Easy Housing

One of the distinguishing features of Easy Housing’s innovative approach to construction is the exceptional durability of their homes. These houses are built to last, with a remarkable 100-year lifespan. The materials used in their construction are carefully selected and treated to withstand the test of time. Notably, the sustainably sourced timber utilized is specially treated to resist the damaging effects of termites and moisture, ensuring that the structural integrity of the homes remains intact for generations to come.

Additionally, Easy Housing’s homes are designed with the Ghanaian climate in mind. They are inherently cool, offering a comfortable living environment even in the face of the region’s often sweltering temperatures. This natural cooling effect not only enhances the quality of life for residents but also brings economic benefits. The reduced need for artificial cooling methods translates to significant energy savings, making Easy Housing’s homes not only durable and comfortable but also cost-effective in the long run. Easy Housing is truly redefining the way Ghanaians experience homeownership, providing homes that are built to endure, adapt to the local climate, and save on energy expenses.

A Social Vision: Empowering Communities

Easy Housing isn’t just about constructing houses; it’s about building hope and empowering local communities. Through creating local job opportunities and providing training to local building collaborators, they ensure that their constructions are not only culturally apt but also boost local economies. Their approach ensures that every home they build becomes a vital part of the local fabric.

Scalability, Accessibility, and Opportunities for Real Estate Agents

Easy Housing’s ingenuity is not only evident in its scalability but also in the opportunities it presents for real estate agents. With homes that are prefabricated at local carpentry workshops, Easy Housing guarantees both quality and rapid construction, providing an efficient solution to the pressing need for housing. By collaborating with local building partners and sustainable forestry entities, they have developed a versatile model that can be swiftly implemented across diverse markets, ensuring that more communities can benefit from their sustainable and affordable housing solutions.

For real estate agents, partnering with Easy Housing represents a unique opportunity to offer clients high-quality, eco-friendly homes at an affordable price point. With Easy Housing’s lean business model, real estate agents can take advantage of a seamless process that allows for expansion with minimal capital expenditure. This collaboration not only empowers agents to meet the growing demand for sustainable and affordable housing but also positions them at the forefront of a housing revolution that prioritizes quality, sustainability, and accessibility.

Join the Easy Housing Movement for a Housing Revolution in Ghana

Easy Housing is set to make a groundbreaking entrance into the Ghanaian housing market, promising to transform the way people perceive housing in Ghana. In a country known for its vibrant culture and communities, Ghana is on the verge of a housing revolution.

But here’s the twist: Easy Housing isn’t your typical construction company. They are here to disrupt the industry and provide innovative housing solutions that will redefine the housing landscape of Ghana. Stay tuned, as Easy Housing is about to create waves in the Ghanaian housing market, rewriting the narrative with a focus on sustainable, affordable, and culturally relevant homes. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary journey and prepare for a new era of housing in Ghana with Easy Housing! You can visit their website or contact Mr Ernest Boakye, Project Manager for Easy Housing Ghana, at +233595800144.

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