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Entrepreneur Launches Successful Apparel Line Within Just 5 Months of Retiring From the Navy


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Entrepreneur Launches Successful Apparel Line Within Just 5 Months of Retiring From the Navy

When you are motivated and determined to accomplish a goal, you will become successful. That’s exactly what US Navy veteran Brittney Nicole says regarding her new apparel line, Coco’s Wardrobe. Her success story is inspiring, especially considering she went from Navy veteran to successful business owner in less than half a year. That’s a swift turnaround by any measure!
Based in New Orleans, this Black-owned and operated clothing and manufacturing company provides stylish apparel for women, with comfort in mind. The dresses, skirts, rompers, jumpsuits, and more are classy, yet affordable.

The clothing made by Coco’s Wardrobe has been explicitly designed with women’s needs and bodies in mind. Have curves? There’s a contoured dress for you. Looking for a crop top that’s going to give you that summer vibe? You’ll find it here. The clothing by Coco’s Wardrobe has been designed to provide the ideal amount of femininity and poise, ensuring you’re looking alluring while keeping it classy.

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As a growing company, it’s still in its infancy, but it’s definitely making waves in New Orleans. Their unique style is an inspiration to women both locally and around the world.

When asked what motivated her to start Coco’s Wardrobe, Brittney expressed, “I wanted to design and sell clothing that I would love and would want to wear. I also felt that other women were looking for something different than most of what they were finding in stores, so I set out to design clothes that both looks sophisticated and feels incredible. I am completely dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of my customers wearing something that makes them feel amazing.”

Coco’s Wardrobe is just getting started, so there’s sure to be new releases coming out down the road. For now, there’s a diverse and rich collection of tops and bottoms that are both effortless and comfortable to wear.

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To learn more and/or to make a purchase, visit or follow the brand on Instagram and Facebook.

For press inquiries, contact

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