Entrepreneurs Growth Plugs – Episode 4: Listen and Listen Again and Continue to Listen

You must be wondering what Joybert is trying to say this time around. What does he mean by “Listen and Listen again and Continue to Listen?” Truth is, many of us entrepreneurs are smart, creative, innovative, and go-getters. Some times, our high ego stops us from listening because we always think we have everything under control. It is, for this reason, many of us always end up in a ditch because we did not listen.


In this entrepreneurial journey, you should be a keen listener. You should be listening to your environment, customers, employees, competitors, mentors, coaches, consultants, and practically anyone that is directly or indirectly influencing your sector.


Why you  should listen

It is time to open up and start listening. You cannot know everything and trust me, you will miss to see important things in your analysis or calculations. I always say, “With only your perspective and opinion, you will understand so little but with others’ opinions and perspectives, you understand all round.”


A top business executive said on HBR: “I’ve been thinking back about things that have gone wrong over the past couple of years, and I suddenly realized that many of the troubles have resulted from someone not hearing something, or getting it in a distorted way.”


Many entrepreneurs and professionals often forget that we have one mouth and two ears, which means we should listen twice as much as we speak. It is time to stop being driven by your egoistic nature and start listening.


You will build a better business and career if you listen to the right value. Other people around you are doing their best to communicate.


Listening intentionally and actively will expand your knowledge, personal and professional growth as an entrepreneur.


According to Knoji, “Good listeners give themselves opportunities to understand other people’s viewpoints and widen their own. They learn from the mistakes of others as well as their own, which means they learn faster too.”


Keep building that entrepreneurial dream. Are you ready to start listening today to grow in your entrepreneurial endeavors?


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