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Factors Affecting Brand Personality


The factors that affect brand personality are sometimes under the manufacturer’s control whiles some are not.

It is in the manufacturer’s control to decide how to name the product, package design, how to advertise, price and distribution of the product. The manufacturer can change any of these as and when they feel it is necessary.

When the product gets to the market, whether the customer will buy it or not lies with the customer. A lot of factors come into play when they are making a decision on whether or not to buy a product.

The customer may consider his or her past experiences with the product. If the customer has previous experience with the product and they enjoyed its usage, they may repeat a purchase. An unpleasant experience may deter a customer from patronising the product again.

Information that people have about a product may also influence their decision to buy a product. Some people may not have used a product but reviews from friends and relatives could influence their decision on whether to buy or not to buy the product. When customers wish to buy smartphones, they, first of all, ask people they trust to have in-depth knowledge of smartphones. Some even visit websites to read recommendations and watch videos on the product. They make their decisions based on their research and recommendations.

How the product compares with its competitors in the same market is also another factor. This could be price, durability and availability of warranty. If the new product is cheaper but of the same quality as products already in the market, it may convince a consumer to stick to the new product.

It is difficult to segment consumers and attach them to particular brands because their decision to choose one brand over another can change over time and at anytime. Some people may be buying a particular brand because of its proximity to them and also due to their financial state, once any of these improve or change, their choice of brand may also change.

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