Thursday, November 30, 2023

From Ghetto to God, This is how a former gangster is Impacting Lives in Ghana


After smoking weed for over 10 years and winning many rap battles since his senior high school days, Joel Owusu Asiaw has now converted into Christianity and is impacting many lives through his organization, Save A Soul Today. He is currently the Founder and President of the organization which is headquartered in Obuasi.

Save A Soul Today seeks to send the gospel to sick people at hospitals, inmates at prisons and support orphanages and communities. Joel Asiaw is also a Gospel poet. He started Save A Soul Today in 2015.


“Been a former ghetto boy, I was exposed to the causes and motives behind the many hopeless situations in some domains in my country so when I got transformed by a divine rehab, I promised the Lord to dedicate my life fully to his service by reaching out to the hopeless as the light of the world”, he told


“This organization is one of the various channels founded to show gratitude to the Lord. There’s a certain number of souls I have to present to the Lord at age 50 so soul winning is primarily what I live for as a servant of God”, he added.


Save A Soul Today started with 3 volunteers and it currently has almost 50 volunteers.


They have made donations to orphanages and has been ministering to prison inmates since 2015. Some former inmates are now members of his organization due to the transformation they received through him when they were still inmates.


Joel Asiaw hopes to see his organization develop the financial muscle to reach out with the Gospel to many lost and hopeless souls in the world.


“Been alive is the biggest opportunity you have so make good use of it. It’s not too late to become a better version of yourself”, he said.

‘If you think you don’t have anything to offer your generation, it’s a proof that you don’t know who you are. Get an iron to sharpen your iron”, he concluded.


You can reach out, connect and support Save A Soul Today via their social media handles.

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