Habits of Successful people

I’ve interacted with highly accomplished individuals. Whether in business, academia, arts or sports, successful people avoid time wasters. They keep off from negative people. They spend time with people who inspire them. They read a lot especially biographies, innovations, history and world economics. Most of them devote at least 30 minutes every day to education and self-improvement.
Through reading, listening to inspirational messages and associating with positive people, they maintain a positive attitude. Besides, they create ‘me-time’ for focused thinking. They think creatively, critically and strategically. Then they take action. They pursue their goals. Most people just dream about their goals. The successful take baby steps and expect the best. They know they can’t see the entire journey. But they have faith in the journey. They trust the dots will somehow connect.
They exercise to keep fit physically and mentally. And they have enough sleep. Average people waste evening hours drinking, watching TV or browsing through social media. Successful people appreciate the relationship between rest and productivity. They also believe in giving. They know giving opens doors to infinite supplies and provisions. And whatever the successful do, they do with all their heart.
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