HBCU Grad Turned Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Investor Launches New Online Course

Will Moss is a real estate boss. He owns a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio of more than 25 properties, and he makes enough in profit that allows him to drive Lamborghinis and travel all over the world for exotic vacations. He has recently launched a new online course so others too can learn how to profitably invest in real estate.
Will comments, “I decided to make this online course as a result of many people asking me to share my in-depth knowledge on how I was able to build my real estate empire and live a nice, comfortable lifestyle.”

Well-respected around the globe

Thanks to his popular YouTube channel, Will is known around the world as “Will Motivation” – a trustworthy source of valuable information about real estate investing and entrepreneurship. His channel has more than 64,000 subscribers, and his videos have been viewed more than 3 million times.

He started creating the lifestyle videos to inspire people and motivate people to pursue their financial dreams. He comments, “I am just a regular guy who was not born with money. I worked hard, made some good decisions, and am now reaping the benefits of what I sowed!”

Humble beginnings

Will graduated from Hampton University (an HBCU) in the late 90’s with a degree in computer science. He worked for corporate America in the early 2000’s, and then starting his own internet business in 2004. “I had no start up money,” he says. “No rich parents either. Just a lot of motivation, hustle, and dreams.”

His online course teaches the basic and advanced strategies needed to start investing in real estate immediately, and eventually grow a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.

Topics covered include:

* The Myths About Investing in Real Estate
* How to Start Investing With No Cash On-Hand
* Using Big Banks vs. Small Community Banks
* Finding a Good Realtor
* How to Start Wholesaling / Contract Flipping
* How to Fix and Flip Homes
* Where to Find Contractors for Your Rehab
* When to DIY vs. Finding a Professional
* How to Price Your Rental Property

He says that those who take his online course will be a part of his personal mastermind group of millionaire real estate investors and real estate professionals.

For more details and/or to sign up for Will’s real estate investing course, visit www.realestatebosscourse.com

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