Wednesday, December 6, 2023

How to Experience Breakthrough in 2022


Don’t expect any human being to sort you out. Don’t wish that 2022 will bring good tidings. Winning or losing in 2022 is in your hands. God’s waiting on you to move. Move swiftly and prayerfully.

Refuse to blame your past. Refuse to blame anybody for your results. Take full responsibility for your life. You can’t have results and excuses at the same time. Choose victory over defeat.

Refuse negative energy. Refuse negative talk. Remain optimistic irrespective of your circumstances. You can’t lose hope and expect to win. Surround yourself with winners. Learn from winners.

Refuse to play safe anymore. Playing safe hasn’t taken you far. Take risks in 2022. Dare projects that are too big to deliver alone. Collaborate with others to open doors that you’ve never tried before.

Refuse to give up. Be resilient. Resolve to win no matter the price. The violent take it by force. Life has no room for weaklings. Arm yourself for battle against failure, scarcity and stagnation.


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