How To Get More Organic Reach on Facebook for Pages with Fewer Likes

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Facebook has almost 2 billion users, 500 million on Linkedin, 1 billion on Youtube and another 300 million on Twitter. Instagram also houses 500 million people. Social media can help you reach more people than you can ever reach in your entire life visiting all the countries on this planet! Yes, thats the fact. That explains why bloggers and marketers use social media a lot. Whatever your interests are, social media is one place you can make money doing what you do best. Some people start their business and manage them on social media platforms. They make a lot of money and get exposed to a wider audience. These things have I tried and confirmed that they are capable getting you more organic reach on social media and connecting you to your customers on Facebook.

Creating a facebook page for yourself or business will enable you to reach out to a wider audience organically and through paid ads. Though its sometimes hard to get people to follow your page, if you start doing what you do best on your facebook personal account, asking people to like or follow your page will be a bit easier.

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  1. Write and publish what you do best in and be consistent.

On social media and facebook for that matter, people will follow you if you are good in what you are doing. There are pages on facebook that teaches people how to cook and others are just for funny videos and their likes are in the tens of thousands. I saw digital paintings of an artist on Instagram. the paintings were superb so I contacted him that I wish to promote his paintings free of charge on my facebook page. He was happy and agreed. I posted about 30 of his paintings and within one week, I had gotten almost 17k organic followers for my page. The paintings were shared almost 3000 times, exposing my page to more people. You could do phone reviews, health tips or even something funny to make people happy. I have a page that anytime I post anything historic, I could get 200 organic likes in a day. The numbers might seem small but if you were to buy them, you could spend $5 to have that 200 likes.

Consistency creates trust between you and your fans. Give them a reason to visit your page everyday.


  1. Tag individuals in your posts

Tagging individuals who are in your image posts or posts that might matter to them promotes increased engagement. If approved by them, the post will appear on their walls and their friends might also see it.


  1. Share your page’s posts to groups you join.

Your page might have fewer likes but you may be joining other groups with a lot of members. Some groups could have 100k members or more. Try to take that opportunity to promote your page free of charge. Also try not to spam those groups. Try to abide by the rules of the group, post content relevant to the group. Don’t posts health tips in music groups. Abide by the group rules.

By doing these, you will be exposed to a lot of audience and you can now use that opportunity to promote businesses and products and get paid.

Have you tried any other method that it worked for you? Let us know by commenting below.

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