How to Overcome Distractions and Focus on your Work

A lot of people hardly complete tasks on time due to distractions. They get distracted by many things and in many ways.
These 4 things might help you to overcome these distractions and get your tasks done on time.

1. Separate what is important from what is more important.
Some people rate all tasks as equally important thereby unable to complete any of the tasks on time. All your tasks might be important but which one needs urgent attention? Which one needs to be completed before a certain deadline? Use this criteria to separate the important tasks from the more important ones.

2. Set deadlines for all your tasks and stick to them. Setting a deadline for your tasks enables you to know which task to tackle first. Don’t just set a deadline in your mind, write it down and if possible, create a sticker note so that you will always be reminded. An alarm to that effect wouldn’t be bad.

3. Turn off your internet data if your task doesn’t involve researching the net. Notifications from social media applications on our phones take our minds from what we are doing every 5 to 10 minutes. We should not be quick to attend to every notification we get on social media. Before you decide to spend 10 minutes on social media, you should spend 2 hours performing tasks given to you. Social media is someone’s business, don’t leave your own business unattended to and spend hours making social media platform developers rich.

4. Learn to say ‘No’
Some people cannot just say no when offers are asked from them.
Can you visit me this weekend?
Can you help me complete this task?
Can we chat?
Call me and let’s talk.
Let’s go out this evening.
Let’s pay this friend a visit.
Learn to say no in a polite manner. Let them know, you would have wished to do what they are asking but you have a task to complete so if what they are asking could be shifted to another time, you will be able to join them or help out. If they agree, fine, if not, let them move on without you. You need to let people respect your time. Don’t be that “always available” type of person.
Do you have anything to add to these four points above. Let me read them in the comments section.

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