Huawei begins 6G research at its Canadian R&D Centre

According to available reports, Huawei is working with over 13 universities and research institutes on the possible applications of the 6G network. According to a tentative forecast released by Huawei, we may not use the technology before 2030.

While most carriers are still in the early stages of their 5G deployment, the company has already begun research on its sixth generation network solutions at its labs in Ottawa.

Huawei begins 6G research in its Canadian R&D Centre

Earlier this year, reports said that Samsung made similar 6G strides at its research base in Seoul. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Huawei is also trying to position itself among the front runners in the next generation of mobile connectivity.

In June, Nokia, Ericsson and SK Telecom announced their strategic partnership which revolves working together on memorandums for 6G development. At the moment, all the research done is still mostly theoretical rather than practical.


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