Hype is not Entrepreneurship

In recent times, I have seen lots of young entrepreneurs starting business and not focused on making money, but rather attaining a certain class in society, as a CEO. Most young entrepreneurs today are more motivated by the celebrity lifestyle some successful entrepreneurs showcase hence their pursuit to find a problem in the society to solve.
But after all, they end the day being broke, or leaving their startup to start another or probably make use of their network to be employed elsewhere.

Running a PR company, with access to several media outlets, the frequency of emails received from young people to feature their stories of just starting a business is to none to the request of stories of either raising funding or achieving a success in business. Hype over proper PR has successfully eroded the sacrifices young entrepreneurs need to make to ensure their businesses become successful and sustainable.

Instead of focusing on their business, young people are more interested in the carefully curtailed headlines about them on blogs, and their pictures on conferences posters as speakers.

Recently I watched a young Ghanaian being celebrated and ridiculed at the same time all over the continent on social media. Basically he has developed a product which was not even ready for the local market but being touted as a competitor to a global super brand.

Successful global entrepreneurs such as Elisabeth Holmes & Martin Shkreli are very good examples of entrepreneurs who attained global recognition behind names of companies who didn’t really exist for the purpose they were being reported for. Today, they are facing multiple charges in courts and their companies have stalled.

Business is a journey that we must all learn from, the catalyst of making it a success is not in the number of media features you have across the world, but the work and sacrifice you put behind your brand to make it trustworthy for investments.

It burdens my heart that a 14 year old Ghanaian who employs 15 people does not enjoy such hype, but it is people are more fulfilled in life being celebrated for no achievement.

As entrepreneurs, we should choose being money and impact makers than being rated by a website as having a million dollar business but still the best friend to the driver of a public transport.

Always remember, if you rush you would crush.

Prince Akpah
MD, Avance Media

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