If You Don’t Cut off Negative People, They’ll Cut You Down to Their Size

Your dream is valid. Have faith in your abilities. If there’s a chance in a million, go for it! Don’t wait till it’s 100% clear.

You’ll never control all the variables. Don’t linger any longer. Act now. Do what you can now. The time will never be right. Start right where you stand. Work with whatever tools in your command.

The future belongs to dreamers. No matter the struggle, don’t quit. Surround yourself with winners. Winners celebrate others. If you don’t cut off negative people, they’ll cut you down to their size. Cutting off negative people from your life does not mean you hate them; it means you respect yourself. Negative energy will kill your dream.

When you fly high, negative people will try to pull you down to their level. There’re people who can’t stand your drive. Expect a good fight on your way to the top. The key to success is consistency. Consistency defeats every obstacle. Consistency transforms average people to great people.

The small things you do every day counts more than the big things you do once in a while. Focus on your dream. And focus on God. Do your very best and leave the results to God. Go after your dreams, not after people.


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