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Inspirational Hour with Scofray: You can only SET FORWARD to success when setback gives you a handshake.


Inspirational Hour with Scofray: You can only SET FORWARD to success when setback gives you a handshake.


The world has seen great inventions and powerful ideas because something caused a setback into our smooth way of life.

Setbacks are painful and disappointing but the difference lies in the mindset you perceive it with.

The  onus lies on you to turn your setback into launchpad to set forward. If you have not failed about something before you don’t learn there is a better alternative.

A lady suffered serious domestic and corporate abuses. Her mental picture about men got blared, her insight about life was all about  darkness. She met a sweet responsible man but the bitterness of the past set the relationship back. Bitterness was all she sees and spew. But when she woke up from that quagmire of setback and set forward she begun exploring the best life has in store for her. She got married to the man who showed her love, she  purposed to show her victimizers( step father, cousin, friends) love and support when the need be.


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Her step dad committed suicide and in his note he said ” I just cannot stand the love and support a daughter I raped, molested and threw out from the house “

Yes she sought help to recover from her set back to set forward but she learnt many lesson that novels, academics, lectures etc wouldn’t have given her.

When your back is against the rock, turn and use it as a stepping stone to reach higher. Setbacks are not beautiful, they can be unceasingly ugly, they are heart breaker, some leave scares but when you set forward victory become fulfillment.

One thing that grows setback is pretending they don’t exist or will fade away at will. Set forward rather works miracles when it acknowledges the setback, name it, being realistic about it then take alternative actions for greater results. How we handle our setbacks indeed defines the character we are made off.

People set forward for victory from their setbacks to make life meaningful and easy for us. Thomas Edison failed over thousand times to invent the bulb but every failure taught him what does not work and what else might be possible.

Breakthroughs occur when there is a break down. Breakthrough occurs when there is no access (space) to the next level.


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Sometimes you need to cause fear to have fear to fear you by succeeding at what life throws at you.




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